ADT neither supports nor communicates with me


I have had at least 6 ADT accounts before this business one, but I'll probably not go to ADT again - ADT apparently does not need my accounts! First of all, the installation was not done properly in that a motion sensor picked up motion from the street through a window. Secondly the system began sending "ghost 911" calls to our police stations. After over 20 ghost calls and two more service calls, the situation was remedied. Next came the "no power to the keypad" situation. Three more service calls (and as many pseudo-fixes) and the condition continued to happen - - all the while paying for each service call because the installing rep "forgot" to mention the service contract. Giving up on the entire situation, we decided to let our service lapse. A "Past Due and Early Cancellation Notice (another "forgot")" suddenly appeared in our mailbox. We think we have figured the situation out, but we will not pay until we get a final billing and itemized statements for the last 6 months. 7 phone calls; 4 promises from agents and a manager that the requested documents would be sent by e-mail immediately; a discussion with a supervisor that resulted in lowering the amount owed but no documents; and a conversation with a supervisor that promised documents by e-mail, and that having failed, and then documents by snail mail. We have received no response from anyone at ADT, and all this atarted 2 Feb 2014. [The "service" was installed June 2012.] I sincerely hope that USAA will evaluate their contract with ADT and cease association with them or drastically improve services to the level that we have come to rely on through USAA.


Hi musetroll,


To me this highlights a problem I've seen several times on the website.


USAA will line up one preferred vendor in a product category, and leave it at that.


That vendor may be good (and may have been vetted by USAA), but they may not be a perfect fit for all members.


Other examples besides ADT I know off are:

  - Assurant Health insurance (which doesn't serve my state)

  - Cigna Dental plans (fine but not accepted widely enough)


Its nice that USAA partners with reputable firms but members need more than one choice in a given category. How about two or 3 options at least.


Hi USAA, for home security maybe offer alongside ADT?






Yo, Cleisthenes -


Either you are a major stockholder in Simplisafe, or your a person who likes to see his money really work for him (her). We do get locked into what seemed like a good deal at first, but the old economics bug flies in and we are at the mercy of rising costs due mainly to "technological advances". Or we find something like Simplisafe, and it sounds too good to be true, so we have a tendency to shy away from it. As you have said, this is where USAA should enter the picture - without playing favorites, USAA must investigate alternative sources of a service, especially in light of technological advances that are growing exponentially, it would seem. As a former high school teacher, I constantly revisited my lesson plans, activities, and goals to see where I could improve my performance. With USAA's growing membership, it would seem a prudent move for them to do the same.

I have recently had problems with ADT as well. I even had to write a letter to both ADT and USAA explaining the issue. I finally got it resolved after months of going back-and-forth between the two. If I ever need another security system I think I will try and find a company other than ADT to do the job.
I'm about to cancel my service with ADT.

Today i had an appointment with them for a rep to come out and upgrade my brinks system with ADT pulse.  After making plans all day to accomodate the visit, a person that is not the one scheduled to do my upgrade called 20 minutes before the visit to say he does this area and would like to come the next day.  Beware.  Who knows who this is and besides this is very unprofessional at the least.