20 years ago, membership was not a curse, it was a pleasure, a great value. Why the slide? Who is at the top? Do they read these posts?


Even five years ago, doing business with USAA was still a pleasure. I have time to post this because I have been waiting four hours for a superior to simply call me. I do not wish to get too blunt with the representative who has tried to process my simple mortgage loan.


Two years ago, I should have learned my lesson. The appraiser they sent to value my home was incompetent. USAA would do nothing. Good bye application fee$.


Today, weeks into my second mortgage application, (my home having appraised 55+% higher than two years ago), it looks like USAA has clearly run amuck. Requesting repeat documents, postponing closing, asking questions about unencumbered property unrelated to this loan, and, my favorite, they have requested a hand-written and signed explanation of my income's increase between 2011 and 2012. What are they going to have my writing analyzed? I hand-write birthday and holiday cards, not explanations of my hard work's success.


I ended up finding this forum simply searching for an ombudsman at USAA. There is not an ombudsman at USAA, but what a Member Forum. When I looked to the right in these forums, I see nothing of what USAA had stood for back "in the day." The powers that be should not be, what a travesty of customer service USAA has become! Soon they may get more profitable customer service, they may as well outsource it, it has gone downhill and fast.


My sincere hope is that USAA will get its act together, quickly, getting back to serving their membership instead of cursing us with further poor quality service. Stop the marketing, get the house back in order, and serve your members!


Allow me to continue while waiting for my call back from a supervisor. Of the five emails received from my USAA "processor" before today, four start with apologies. No kidding. Is this USAA'a first mortgage to process? I am shocked by the seemingly impossible process instituted in this case. Adequate income, perfect credit, established value, and even a track record of prepayment with USAA themselves on an equity line, and USAA wants a hand-written what?


Well, I certainly would check with someone other than this 23 year member if seeking a positive comment about the USAA of today. I have waited two hours past my normal quitting time, five hours total, for a call to clarify this loan application. I likely will be taking my business to a company that will appreciate it. Half my life paying, paying, paying, never a single claim, and I am but a common lady-of-the-evening to their banking department. 


Better luck to you! Elsewhere!


Have you tried a loan elsewhere? I thought some things were crazy with a refinance at USAA as well, but after refinancing three home loans with 3 different banks, I have nothing but positive things to say about USAA! Sorry your experience has been bad. My guess is it will be worse somewhere else!
USAA lost two mortgages from us. They turned us down for a refinance because they couldn't figure out how to get past a credit block. They also turned us down for a refi on another property we own. It was for the same reason.

We have credit scores well over 700 and two reputable companies refinanced both loans

I think USAA is hiring I competent people. It took just two weeks to close our loans

Thanks for the warning! 


I had a horrible mortage experience as well. I too have seen this company go downhill since I became a memeber 24 years ago.


We are so sorry we have let you down. Your membership is extremely important to us and we would like to better understand what has been going on. If there is something specific that we can help you with, please contact us here: https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/fb_response_form or email us at [Removed Link]. Thank you for your time.

I hate to pile on, because I still feel warm fuzzies for USAA, but perhaps this will put pressure on them to fix this mess.


Last summer I needed a new home loan and went on line to process the application.  Here in Arkansas, real estate offer contracts have to include a specific date for closing, not a "NLT" or "on or about", so I had a firm closing date in my accepted sale contract that was about 30 days away.  USAA's online application would not let me pick a closing date less than 35 days (I think, or thereabouts), after my expected closing.  I stopped the application and called and USAA would not back up the closing 4 days to meet my date. 


Mind you, this was nothing complicated - I have been a member for over 30 years, it was a conventional 30-year fixed mortage,my credit score is about 800, I could have paid cash for the house, and I was only asking for an 80% loan. It should have been a piece of cake, and it would have been if they only would have committed to a closing date 30 days out - but they wouldn't.  So, I went to a regional bank that not only committed to the date, but processed my loan paperwork and were ready to close in less than 20 days.  (If you are out in the midwest, I'd recommend you look into First Western Bank.)  Easy money for First Western, loss for USAA of both business and loyalty. If I want to deal with a big, cold, intransigent bank, I can go to Bank of America or Wells Fargo.  USAA Bank has lost it's touch.

I have been a member of USAA for 46 years.  I am trying to refinace my home with no mortgage. I speak with on e rep and then never hear from them again and then speak to anopthe with the same results. USAA was the standard of service in the the insurance and baking world. Now, the reps are polite, but they are happy to refer you elsewhere and you go into a black hole where no one calls you back and you never hear from them again. It is so frustrating.  Once they expanced to become inclusive, they went steadily downhill. I am sure they are aware of the poor service but they are making more money so that is the bottom line.  I was wounded in combat, totoally disabled and ask if this is how USAA takes \care of its Military members who put everything on the line for this country. There ads show how much the remmber and care but the actions are totally opposite.

I found this site looking for the ombudsman for USAA.  So I am furious to see there is none.  Six days ago my checking account had two fraudulent checks run through it for 2400 and 2500.  I got two different phone calls from USAA telling me it happened, which was news to me.   I have down loaded pictures of the checks and they are not USAA checks much less my checks.  I don't have checks with numbers as high as these.  My name is no where on the checks, as the issuer, signature, or depositer.  The checks are so obviously fraudulent that 3 different people with USAA have expressed their shock at how obviously they are not mine. All they can tell me is that is being investigated.   The only thing on the two checks that is associated with me is my check number.  The two checks were deposited into a USAA account.  USAA had no problem taking the money out of my account and freezing the remaining funds.  They do not have an authorized signature to take the money from my account or to freeze the remaining money.  They have a problem with returning the money and giving me access the to remaining funds.  They were quick to give me a new account, but none of my money to put into them.  I have a 788 credit score.  Now I have outstanding checks that can't be paid and auto debit payments that can't be made.  I have an $800+ mastercard bill with USAA that I can't get at my money to pay.  I guess they may need to take thay money out of some other powerless person's account.    Or maybe one of the people who tell me they can't do anything.  Say Mike the senior representative or Madra in fraud, or Jasmine.....  They have said they are investigating and will maybe have an answer tomorrow (Monday) but no assurances that I will be getting my money.  It is pretty tough to watch the USAA ads on the weather channel talking about their free secure checking accounts.  Make sure that anyone reading this knows their checking accounts are far from secure.  Also USAA doesn't care about ruining your credit, how you eat, or pay for gas.  They suggested I use my credit cards.  At the recommendation of a banker friend of mine, I will be sending a letter to my state representative John Ratcliffe in the morning if I am not satisfied that my money will be returned on 10/26.  I am thinking of how I could cause the most damage to USAA on facebook and the like for my next move after that.  I am a school teacher.  I am not wealthy and loosing access to over $5000 is crushing.  Just to add to the emotional termoil of the situation I am dealing with health issues.  I have had it.  I realize I am just small potatoes dealing with a monster, but I am not going down without a fight.  I have been with USAA my whole life.  My parents were with USAA before I was born.  My car and house insurance are with USAA.  Just think the whole world needs to know what kind of company USAA is.  Too big to make things right.

Dear checkfrauded,

Thank you for commenting. I have escalated your comment over to our banking department for further review and investigation.  A specialist from the bank will be in touch with you to discuss your fraudulent charges. Thank you


* I too wish all companies had an ombudsman!