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It’s hard to have a recession when earnings and equity returns are improving. We see potential opportunities in U.S. value stocks as well as international and emerging markets. The U.S. stock market is up more than 16%, international developed markets are up more than 20% and emerging markets are up over 30%.

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The same catalysts driving the U.S. stock market are supporting high-yield bonds. High-yield spreads are tight, but we don’t see a looming reason for them to start widening given current economic growth trends. Demand is picking up for oil-field service providers as the oil price rises, and while contracts with oil producers are less lucrative, the service providers have cut costs and become more efficient operators.

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We currently see the best value opportunities in emerging markets. Our focus is on value (fundamentally cheaper assets) and momentum (well-performing stocks). “Smart beta” refers to a method of passive investing that considers a range of stock “factors” that over time have been successful in reducing risk and/or enhancing returns.

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Did you know that the U.S. Marine Corps was founded in a tavern? Can you name the first enlisted Marine Corps mascot? Check out this infographic depicting other great moments in history as USAA celebrates the Marine Corps’ 242nd birthday.

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As the California wildfires got closer, Leisa Walston and her three sons evacuated their home in the middle of the night with only the clothes they were wearing. Stuck for hours in a traffic jam of fellow evacuees, they sat and watched as flames engulfed the mountains surrounding their home.

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USAA Military Separation Checklist

Military transitioning can pose a real challenge for USAA members whether it's separation, retiring from the military, Permanent Change of Station or deployment.

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Update How You Use Shopping Lists

Ditch the paper shopping list for the ease of use of electronic shopping list applications that help you share the list, stay on budget and ensure you do not forget that great discount.

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