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Data breaches have become an unfortunate reality and a main contributor to the rise of identity theft. USAA is committed to protect your security and our team monitors accounts and fights fraud 24/7. We are in this together.

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Short-term bonds – and short-term bond funds – may grow more attractive due to their ability to earn incremental income above cash and cash-like investments without much exposure to the risk of rising rates. Slow and steady interest rate increases stand to benefit short-term Treasuries and corporates, and it seems unlikely that the Fed will quicken its pace on rates any time soon.

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While the physical effects of the back-to-back storms will certainly pose a challenge to municipalities, a major impact on the muni market is not anticipated due to the speedy federal response to the natural disasters as Washington is proving to be a willing partner in the recovery effort. There will still be ample demand for munis even if tax rates drop.

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The Air Force turns 70 today! We’re celebrating by taking a look at great moments in Air Force history — from breaking the sound barrier and the first nonstop round-the-world flight, to the development of GPS.

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We are currently facing manmade and natural events that have the potential to disrupt markets: hurricanes, a potential government shut down, an impending deadline to raise the federal debt ceiling, and North Korea’s escalating nuclear threat to its Asian neighbors. Given that September is typically the worst-performing month of the year, it makes sense for investors to be cautious about their risk exposure.

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USAA Military Separation Checklist

Military transitioning can pose a real challenge for USAA members whether it's separation, retiring from the military, Permanent Change of Station or deployment.

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Update How You Use Shopping Lists

Ditch the paper shopping list for the ease of use of electronic shopping list applications that help you share the list, stay on budget and ensure you do not forget that great discount.

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