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Welcome to the USAA Community

Aug 22, 2017

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Hello and Welcome to USAA’s Community

Aug 22, 2017

Answer your first question here and get started on connecting with other members just like you. What is your branch of service or ...

Delayed direct deposit

Aug 22, 2017

Hey what's up with the direct deposits these days I'm supposed to get deposits on mondays they come from the government and when I...

USAA Social Service's avatar
USAA Social Service
Ssgt, As previously mentioned, we process direct deposits over a 24 hour period. We post those deposits as soon as we r...
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Ssgt ceglad
I have I talked to them first because this is t the first time this has happened and they have emailed me a copy of the...

Trust nothing they say about financial products they are ...

Aug 21, 2017

I worked with DERIK ****, do not forget that name, in purchasing a 10 yr $100,000 annuity at 2 1//2% in March of 2015. In discussi...

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USAA Social Service
I can understand the utmost importance of your post along with your frustration after reading this Lamborghini. We woul...

Accounts disappeared

Aug 20, 2017

Both of my account information has disappeared on my mobile app and the website. I called and the automated service confirmed sayi...

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USAA Social Service
VakarianBlitz, Members should now be able to access their accounts on and cards as well. We appreciate your pa...
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Has anyone tried to use their cards? Do they still work?

Wire transfer

Aug 18, 2017

Why does it take DAYS to deposit money that was sent from Western Union into my account???????😩

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USAA Social Service
Hell and thank you for your follow-up inquiry. As I shared in my previous response the expectations set by Western Unio...
Frustrated17's avatar
Ah you see western union tells me that the bank only needs to deposit the money. So it got send Friday tell me when it ...

Insurance payment in Full

Aug 18, 2017

So I fell in hard times because my AUNT passed away here in GA. She had been here for 4 months ALL of our family was up NORTH. I h...

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Same thing happened to me and they insisted on setting up automatic payments to get the monthly rate
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USAA Social Service
This is terrible news QBc, and I am very sorry to hear about the recent loss of your aunt. I can understand your funds ...

Usaa car insurance payment

Aug 11, 2017

where do i send a check by mail to pay my car insurance bill? 

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USAA Social Service
Hello Member1111. A check can be sent for insurance payment via regular mail at the following address: USAA 9800 Freder...

Mutual Fund Trade Times

Aug 11, 2017

Hi, I was hoping someone could answer a question I have that I used to know, forgot, and now can't seem to find the answer. When I...

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Mutal funds trade at the end of the day, or better stated are priced for the end of day NAV. So your 10am trade will tr...


Aug 8, 2017

Money Matters. At least it does to us. Apparently not to USAA. Over the past few months we have had multiple instances with USAA t...

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Wells Fargo had the best rates on a Jumbo loan in our rural area. Truly only reason we chose them. Credit Unions in the...
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I appreciate that you are sharing for the benefit of other members. I am curious, though, why to select Wells Fargo (or...
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