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Transfer from savings.

Oct 21, 2016

Have a usaa savings account and my personal checking account on my usaa page. Cant figure out how to transfer between them? Help

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USAA Social Service
Hello and thank you for your inquiry. To transfer funds please follow the steps below: Scroll to the top of the page on...

The Truth About Wallet I.D. Protection

Oct 20, 2016

Tempted to buy an I.D. protected wallet so no one can scan you and your wallet or purse for your credit card information via RFID ...

Money order

Oct 19, 2016

Good morning. I deposited a money order last night. It told me some of the funds would be on hold. I was hoping there was a way to...

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USAA Social Service
Devdude, Thank you for contacting us on Member Community regarding the hold placed on your deposit. Funds deposited usi...

USAA Brokerage fees increase

Oct 18, 2016

Your recent decision to raise trading fees for all accounts is out of line with the market and is going to drive me to pull my inv...

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USAA Social Service
Hi BillConroy. I can certainly understand and appreciate your feedback. We know how important this issue is for you. Th...
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I usually trade in blocks of 100-1000 shares so it pretty much hit me directly. I don't Day trade or play with stocks b...

Why say you care, when its obvious you dont

Oct 16, 2016

Ive been a USAA member for a while I have or have had most of their products excpet for Home and Auto Loan. I have a few loans fro...

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USAA Social Service
Thanks for posting to our Community, Fedup1. I've sent a secured email to your online message center in reply. To acces...

Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Oct 15, 2016

We returned from evacuating early this week. My question is, does USAA help with financial issues resulting from that? I don't hav...

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USAA Social Service
We have received your message and we're so sorry to hear you and your family were impacted by Hurricane Matthew. To det...

Samsung pay

Oct 14, 2016

Finally!! Samsung pay is now available for debit cards! Thank you!!!!!

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USAA Social Service
PacManDan - Glad this is good news for you. We are always striving to provide the best products and services for member...

Samsung Pay arrives Oct. 11

Oct 13, 2016

Samsung Pay is now available for all USAA Visa debit and credit cards. Samsung Pay allows members with compatible Samsung devices to pay with their mobile phones at almost any place you can pay with your card!

First direct deposit...

Oct 13, 2016

Today is payday. I had my direct deposit changed from BofA to USAA, so today I should see funds in my account. When will this happ...

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USAA Social Service
Old31Kilo, Yes, please check with your employer. It is definitely possible the change with them did not take effect in ...
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22 hours into payday and still nothing. I will check with employer to see if they cut me an actual check for this pay p...

Why mandatory switch from Mastercard to Visa?

Oct 12, 2016

I am unhappy with the recent corporate decision to switch ALL mastercards to visa. I was not asked if I agree with this change. Wh...

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Any time. And I just wanted to share this information from the Hawaiian Airline Website. it is their current Credit Car...
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USAA Social Service
YankeeGirl, I regret your frustration and dissatisfaction with the conversion. I have submitted your feedback regarding...
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