Tara Crooks
Limitless Contributor

Recently online dating site EHarmony published a list of what women find sexy about men. Can you believe that nowhere on that list was that their military paycheck was direct deposit?


When I think back to when I fell in love, it wasn't because of my husband's voice or his talent as a soccer player that captured my eye. Let's face it; it definitely was not his fashion sense - though now that adds to the ability to make me laugh/sense of humor category. Nope, he had me at "direct deposit".


Oh, I know what you're thinking - she's a money loving girl. Well, I guess you could say that. See one of the things that I love most about my Soldier is that he is a good listener - he did exactly what the finance clerk told him to and he filled out his paperwork correctly. So that makes him a smarty pants - he paid himself first. Maybe EHarmoney - oops I mean EHarmony was on to something!


Ok, ok I'll quit being silly and shoot straight with you. I can't lie - direct deposit and the military are somewhat of an arranged marriage. If you're a military member, you're required to have it. So you might as well love the one you're with.


Come on, you can do it - direct deposit is one lean, mean, lovin' machine. Just think about the supple curve of the timeline of your pay, the smile that you glean when you see the balance in your account go up, and the fact that direct deposit will never let you down - it's very consistent.


Need a few more reasons to love the one you're with?


You'll know exactly when you're getting paid. With direct deposit and USAA you can plan your budget accordingly. Just check out this calendar.


You are in control. You can access or change your direct deposit through MyPay or the official DFAS home page.

USAA Certified Financial Planner JJ Montanaro says, "from a financial planning perspective, you should build on the "direct deposit" concept as you build your own savings and investment framework - for example, "direct depositing" money into the TSP, setting up an automatic payment to occur after each direct deposit that goes into a separate segregated savings account (emergency fund), or setting aside money for next year's holiday season or an upcoming vacation...automatically!"


Direct deposit is the color of money - green! It's great on the environment. It eliminates the possibility of a lost or stolen checks, reduces the opportunity for identity theft, and it's more timely and efficient.

You know you're thinking it - direct deposit is SEXY!


What's not to love?