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USAA Member Community - Welcome to the USAA Community


Hello and welcome to the USAA Community!


The USAA Community has grown substantially since its inception in 2011 and we’re always looking for ways to better connect and communicate with not only with our members, but also easier ways for our members to connect with each other.


Start Here


We invite you to introduce yourself by commenting on this discussion thread.  Visit our topic boards to see what other USAA members are talking about and join the discussions. Explore our blog posts on the topics of Money Matters, Going Civilian, PCS and Deployment. These areas feature a group of popular digital military life contributors with a diverse range of experience and background.


Tips on How Best to Contribute


  1. Confirm your preferred profile name – Ensure your profile name is unique to you and serves as a name you’d like to be known by others when communicating in this forum. Examples including using your First and Last Name, a Nickname, or a combination of the two. Refrain from using a catch phrase or anything derogatory in your profile name.

  2. Reply to a Question – Visit our topic boards to see what members are saying and chime in with your advice and tips.

  3. Ask a Question – Tap into the knowledge and experience of other Community members. Whether you are getting ready to leave for your first assignment, experiencing a career change or preparing to separate from service, ask your question and connect with other USAA members.

  4. Write a Blog Post – Explore the different areas and consider sharing your unique wisdom and experience. Start by sharing your military legacy story or write about a recent experience with resources you feel would help someone. You could also share a memorable military life experience. These are just a few ways to contribute a blog post in Community.

  5. Get Customer Service Help or Leave Feedback – Need help with a USAA product or service? Visit our Customer Service area, our Social Member Services Representatives are on duty 24/7. If you require immediate support, please contact us at (800) 531-USAA (8722). If you are deployed, you may contact us at 1-877-2DEPLOY (33-7569), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We are making improvements to the Community often. In doing so, we are seeking your feedback and suggestions on what topics you’d us to feature. Coming up next in this series of getting better acquainted with Community; we’re including fun facts about your community managers, highlighting each of our featured areas and spotlighting questions from members.


Thank you for visiting the USAA Community and we look forward to hearing from you soon!



USAA Community Team


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