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Each week thousands of members visit the USAA Community. You’ve shared your questions, your advice and your feedback. We are listening, and today we launch a newly designed Community, one that is created to make it easier for you to get help with your USAA customer service questions, share your advice with other members, and search for answers to commonly asked questions. 



We want the USAA Community to be your space for discussing important topics, finding answers, learning more about USAA and meeting other members.


What’s New in Community:

In this new design, we feature four unique areas: Support, Financial Advice, Discuss and Explore. Learn about them below:



Members shared with us how important it is to get customer service help within Community, and we’ve responded by adding a team of social member services representatives (MSR’s) who are here to answer your questions 24/7. We’ve also created a special support area for Customer Service so you can get help quickly and efficiently.  No matter the time zone or location, our Social MSR’s are here to provide the service you expect from USAA.


Financial Advice

The Financial Advice area featuring access to our USAA financial professionals will expand to showcase more answers to member questions. While every member question is answered by this team, we have not always been able to display the answers in Community. In this new design, we will be showcasing more of your questions and answers. We’ll of course keep in mind privacy and comply with all compliance regulations.



Our message boards (online discussion areas) will offer members the opportunity to not only ask questions that relate to financial readiness, military transition, deployment, PCSing/moving and international military life, but also other topics important to them.



In this area, members can check out our advice articles written by military veterans, military spouses and USAA financial professionals. As with the Discuss area, main topics will include: money matters, military transition, deployment, PCSing/moving and international military life. Life after military service has its challenges, one of which is job change. We are adding the topic of Career to our advice area and look forward to your input along the way. Within Explore, we are adding sections for Member Stories and Events. Member Stories will feature a place for you to share your military legacy story, other military life stories and highlight a member you feel is doing great things for the larger military community. The Events area will feature USAA sponsored events, and you’ll be able to add free military family-friendly local events happening in your area. We want to help get the word out!


Start Here – Check out the previous Welcome to Community post that features 5 tips on how best to engage.



Thank you for being part of the USAA Community, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!



USAA Community Team



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Check out our Member Stories area. In Member Stories, you’ll be able to share a personal story about your military legacy, highlight a member you feel is doing great things for the larger military community and/or share a personal story based on our Member Stories Community Challenge.

Occasional Visitor

USAA takes care of me I have been a membe fo 34 years

Frequent Visitor

I am glad to be a member and I hope to help others.

Briana Hartzell USAA

Hi Clutchh7, I have moved your comment over to the Bank Service board, so the right experts can help. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

Dr Dan
New Member

I have appreciated the amazing services and professionalism of USAA and its employees both as a dependent, active duty military, and now in retirement--66 years and counting! For those of us who have "been there, done that," perhaps we can share our life experiences to help guide those who are following in our footsteps. No matter the branch, component, or length of service, it all counts and we are counting on you! How can we serve YOU?

Briana Hartzell USAA

Dr Dan,

Thank you for your service and for your long time membership. It is an honor to have your knowledge and experience here in community!


I am excited to be a member of the US AA community. I have got some very important issues that I will be posting/discussing with the USAA community in the following week. Please prepare for, very "Open minded" questions and concerns about the (War on Opioids that is negatively impacting hundreds of thousands of Vet's today and tomorrow). We really need to have an impact on law's and changes that are impacting US Veterans.

Occasional Visitor

USAA has a fine reputation, however, I am concerned over the "we are not allowed to delete your profile policy." 

Not only can USAA not delete my profile, they also CANNOT suppress my DOB data in their system, therefore, exposing my information for potential hacks. 

I say all of this and I am NOT even a USAA customer, I simply created a profile and it turns out they don't underwrite my state.


Extremely frustrated with USAA.

Briana Hartzell USAA

@NAVYCG23 Thanks for joining us here in community! We look forward to your continued participation!


@JPJacksonville, Thank you for sharing your frustration. I am asking a colleague to look into profile creation and deletion. I will keep you updated.

USAA Social Service
USAA Service
USAA Service

@JPJacksonville, I've sent you a private message with additional information regarding your inquiry. To retrieve the message select your username and click on the envelope icon. Thank you! -Cynthia