shutterstock_137835332.jpgI am a lover of all things Valentine’s Day. While I don’t think that you should only profess your love one day a year, rather every single one, who can resist a day set aside that is all about the celebration of love? A day of flowers, romance, sugary sweets, hugs, kisses, purple and pink?


Still, I find it completely obnoxious the amount of money some people think equates to LOVE. The more money you spend on my flowers will show me you love me more, right? Wrong. There are TONS of ways to profess your love and show your sweetheart how much you value him/her without feeling like you are breaking your New Year’s resolution of controlling spending and saving.


You all know me well enough now to know that if it’s crafty, holiday related, or do-it-yourself then it’s Pinterest. If you haven’t gotten a Pinterest account yet, get one. A simple search of Valentine’s Day ideas led me to some amazing ideas for my girls.


My girls love fruit roll-ups and take them in their lunch. I love to send them on their way with a sweet love note. Check out this adorable way to make Valentine Fruit Roll-up Fortune Cookies for their lunch box on Valentine’s Day. Viola!


Of course the girls love to share their Valentine’s with their friends and classmates. We’re usually still swimming in candy from Halloween and Christmas so I opted this year for something different. There are tons of ideas from notes to put on glow sticks to little bags of graham bears or gold fish. All are easy, fun, and extremely affordable ways to spread the love.


One of my favorite things I’m doing this year with my family simply requires a marker and construction paper. We cut out 14 hearts for each person in our family. Each night from Feb 1 – 14 each person will receive a written heart that states a reason why they are loved affixed to their bedroom door. On Valentine’s Day each person will have 14 reasons why they are loved.


Last year we started a tradition we will continue this year. We made heart shaped everything for dinner on Valentine’s Day. We had pizza with heart shaped dough and heart shaped pepperonis. We had salad with heart shaped cucumbers. We made heart shaped sugar cookies for desserts. My go-to resource for all things love – Dating Divas – has a really great round-up of Valentine’s Day food ideas.


There are many inexpensive ways to express your love and share this wonderful day with those around you. It’s very easy to pick up the phone and call the florist or order some expensive gift online. There are most certainly times in your life when those are warranted (if you’re asking your girlfriend to marry you those conversation hearts might not cut it). In order to save though, you may have to put in a little time planning and researching what is the perfect way to say “I love you”.


My last piece of advice for Valentine’s Day is to make sure you’re speaking your Valentine’s love language. If you’ve got a “gifts” Valentine make it from the heart. If your Valentine speaks “words of affirmation” then borrow the construction paper idea from above. If your Valentine speaks “physical touch” or “quality time” be sure you’re speaking their language. If your Valentine speaks “acts of service” by all means, ask for the honey-do list!