USAA Bank Continues Support for Members Impacted by COVID-19

Community Manager
Community Manager

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As states begin to slowly reopen, USAA Bank recognizes that many members are still experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. With unprecedented unemployment numbers and social distancing still in place, it is clear that things will not go back to “normal” for a long time. To ensure members can stay on their feet, those who took advantage of the original credit card payment deferral and/or consumer loan payment extension may have the ability to extend those offers for an additional 90 days. Just give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 around the time your current benefits expire and one of our member service representatives can help set that up for you.  


In addition, we have waived the limit on transfers and withdrawals from savings accounts and won’t charge excessive savings account withdrawal fees. This will allow members to control their finances as needed during this time, until they can fully get back on their feet.


Since March, more than 176,000 members have been provided nearly $197 million in payment relief. We stand by you during this uncertain time and hope you and your families are staying safe and well.


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