Tara Crooks
Limitless Contributor

My daughter and I were watching television the other day when that magical Diet Dr. Pepper commercial came on. Do you know the one to which I'm referring? The "I exist" support group - I think there is a mermaid, Santa Clause, a leprechaun, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy amongst several other mythical characters. The punch line is that the taste of Diet Dr. Pepper is unbelievably satisfying.


She looks over at me and says "mama, I don't get it." I proceeded to explain when I caught myself. I was smack dab in the middle of telling my child that the Easter bunny, Santa Clause, and most importantly the tooth fairy didn't exist. What was I thinking? I'm obviously not that bright. I recovered quite nicely, but she's a smart one.

Ironically, she lost a tooth that night. She's lost many teeth before so this wasn't her first rodeo. As we were completing our nighttime routine the questions started to flow. A quick glance at my husband told me that this one was my 'lane" and that I better fix the mess I made earlier or come clean that I was the mysterious tooth-obsessed-cash-giver.

I gave her a choice to believe or not to believe - it was up to her. Apparently, her doubts were short-lived or she takes after her mama and didn't want to chance that there might not be cash in the morning. She cleaned the tooth up and placed it under her pillow.

Celebrating my successful completion of "tuck in" I headed downstairs to relax and unwind. Bedtime came quickly thereafter and we soon were snoozing away. At 1am my brain woke me up like it was Fourth of July - RED ALERT, RED ALERT! I had forgotten the tooth fairy money!

I jumped out of bed and headed downstairs to my wallet, grabbed whatever bill I had and headed back upstairs. Startled by my sudden exit from the bed my husband groggily asked what was up to and so I informed him of my grave oversight. He chuckled and then threw the covers back over his head. I managed to get the monies under her pillow without waking her but disposing of the tooth "treasure" has always been Daddy duty. I was on my own. Yuck!

The next morning I went in to wake my daughter only to find her in bed with a twenty dollar bill. I won't go into the sheer panic that overcame me that morning. But, I will tell you this. I came clean. I told her it was me. I let her keep the twenty but I explained the myth of the tooth fairy and why it was so fun.


Hopefully, she'll continue the tradition (and not mention the twenty) with me for her younger sister. As for Santa and the Easter bunny - I need some recovery time before I tackle that one. This mama is plum worn out - I think I need a Diet Dr Pepper!




Does the tooth fairy bring goodies or money?

How much money/What kind of goodies does the tooth fairy typically bring?

Have you had the "they don't exist" conversation with your children? How did it go?