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Santa is driving a FedEx® truck this year. The sleigh couldn’t keep up with our cross-country deliveries to family. We live in California and most of our family lives in Texas, so the thought of waiting in stores and post office lines this time of year, just to get gifts to them on time, is not going to happen. Instead, I am completing my entire holiday gift list in my pajamas while sipping hot cocoa.


As if you needed any more reasons after the pajamas, here are the other reasons I will be doing all my shopping online.


Free Shipping: Many retailors offer free shipping for the holidays. If I am not paying shipping, there really is no reason at all to get an item from the local store, wrap it myself and make a trip to the post office to ship. I am an Amazon Prime member, which qualifies me for free two-day shipping on a lot of items; I find this to be well worth the annual fee.


No Lines: This particularly excites me because I made the mistake of heading to the store last weekend to make a return and the lines were already OUT OF CONTROL. Waiting with two anxious toddlers in return line makes me sweat.


More Selection: Nothing is more frustrating that finally figuring out what to buy your mother-in-law, only to go to the store and find it is out of stock. The beauty of online shopping is that you most likely can find it somewhere else! I recently found a copy of Sew Beautiful Magazine from the 90s my mother in law had been looking for on Etsy. It is a perfect and unique gift that I never would have been able to find at a local retailor.


Online Only Discounts: You can sign up for your favorite store’s emails and stay informed about any sales they are running. There will be a lot of these leading up to the holidays. USAA’s Member Shop makes finding sales easy with ways to earn rewards, discounts and potential cash back offers.


Time Savings: No need to drive all around town to buy gifts. The Internet is your one stop shop for your holiday needs!


How do you plan to complete all your holiday shopping? Please share your tips and favorite online shopping resources in the comments.


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I joined USAA because word of mouth from fellow veterans stated USAA is the best which I agree with. Today's Advertisement costs are outrageous USAA probably spends tens of millions with celebrities, NfFL Adds etc,,now let's cut the Advertisement budget and help those individual veterans who spread the good news by results.

Briana Hartzell USAA


Thank you for your service and for your membership. USAA is proud to serve you and I am glad to hear that Veterans are recommending USAA to one another. 


You may be surprised to know that many current and former military personnel do not know about USAA or the types of services USAA provides to help facilitate their financial security. Advertising is one of the most efficient and effective ways to introduce USAA to the military community.

USAA is very proud of the message the advertising conveys about the importance of the military and are careful to be efficient with their advertising spending. By helping USAA to serve more members and meet more needs, advertising improves USAA’s financial strength and helps maintain highly competitive rates.


I hope that provides a little insight. Thanks again for posting and I look forward to further posts from you! Have a great day!