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Hurricane Michael made landfall last week causing major devastation in Florida and Georgia. The USAA Foundation, Inc. is providing $1.72M to Military Aid Societies for their highest needs, including efforts for Hurricanes Michael and Florence. Amidst the stories of destruction and loss, I wanted to highlight stories of assistance rendered to those affected by Hurricane Michael through the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS), made possible in part, from the support from The USAA Foundation, Inc.


The following is from the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society:


Soon to be deployed Marine’s vehicle destroyed by storm:

A single Marine (E4), was ordered to evacuate from MCAS Cherry Point. He and several other Marines decided to save money and drive together so he left his car in a public parking lot. Hurricane Florence blew the hood of his car into the windshield, shattering it.  His car remained in the parking lot for over a week because the base did not reopen and Marines could not return.  The local police had his car towed so the parking lot could be cleared of storm debris. When the Marine returned, it took another week before he could locate his car in an impound lot.  The Marine was deploying the following week and did not have time to have his car repaired so he could not store his car in the long-term parking lot on base.  NMCRS assisted him with the towing fees incurred from the parking lot to the impound lot, the upfront costs of a storage unit large enough to store his vehicle, and the cost to tow his vehicle to the storage lot. NMCRS was there to ensure this Marine was mission ready because his personal affairs were in order.


Marine Family with children left homeless by the storm:

A married Marine (E6) with 3 children, rode out Hurricane Florence in their home because MCB Camp Lejeune and the city of Jacksonville, NC, did not evacuate.  The family was safe; however, their home was severely damaged, the roof peeled off and excessive water caused the ceilings to collapse. The family lost all their household and personal items and cannot remain in their home. FEMA has denied their initial request for assistance and their insurance claim is being processed.  NMCRS provided assistance to the Marine to move his family into a rental home, buy food, and put gas in the car so he could get to work. 


Standing by to provide resources for military families evacuating to NAS Pensacola:

Evacuees from Panama City are beginning to find their way to NAS Pensacola, their designated meeting point. NMCRS Pensacola is standing by to provide financial assistance to Sailors, Marines, and their families affected by Hurricane Michael and needing temporary lodging and other basic needs until they can return to their base. 


We also anticipate there will be a continuing need for assistance as service members and families continue to recover and rebuild – from both Hurricane Florence and Michael, and NMCRS will be their lifeline.


Thanks to The USAA Foundation, Inc., for your amazing and generous support to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and the men, women, and families who volunteer to serve and protect our freedom and way of life.


The USAA Foundation, Inc. is grateful for the chance to be of assistance and support members through organizations like the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Army Emergency Relief, Air Force Aid Society, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance and the Coast Guard Foundation. To learn more about The Foundation Inc.'s relief efforts click here.


Please join USAA today in supporting hurricane-impacted military families and local communities:


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