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Updated: May 2, 2022


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Now through June, all members will be provided access to USAA’s updated mobile app with a new look and new features. We recently had the chance talk about the new USAA app with Mike Nickel, Executive Director of Digital Products for USAA. Check out our conversation:


Wendy: Mike, thank you for taking the time to tell us more about the new USAA app. Why is the app changing?


Mike: Thanks for having me here in Community. Through member research we learned members want more personalization – what they get when they call in to our Member Service Representatives and Insurance professionals. They want to find things fast and to make it easy to manage their money. In addition, we know that technology is evolving, and we want the app to be ready to integrate with changes as they come.


Wendy: What are some of the key changes?


Mike: 98% of all transactions on the app are now accessible with two taps or less. And we’ve put the more common things that members want to do on the home screen in context, right where their accounts are. We also built a new search engine using the latest natural language technology to make sure we understand their intent. We didn’t want members to have to type keywords to find what they’re looking for. This works with our virtual assistant.


Wendy: When will members be able to download the latest app?


Mike: We began providing the new app features to a small percentage of members April 5 and will continue to slowly release it to all members until we reach 100% of the membership by June 2022. Members who choose to auto-update applications on their phone will not need to do anything to see the new features. Others may need to manually update the app on their phone.


Wendy: What do members need to do if they are not seeing the latest app?


Mike: If a member received an email about the update but does not see the latest version of the app, check which app version you are currently on. (Profile > scroll down to Version). If the member is on the latest version, they will need to force close the app. The member can confirm the latest app version in the app store.


How to force close (iOS): From the Home Screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle of the screen. The member will see all open apps and their preview. Select the USAA App and swipe vertically to force close the app.


How to force close (Android): Open Settings > Apps > select USAA App > Force Stop


Wendy: Are members able to customize the home screen?


Mike: Yes, with this new update members can Select, Arrange and Hide Accounts.


How to Select, Arrange and Hide Accounts: Scroll to the bottom of “Home” and select “Customize”. Here the member can rename, rearrange and hide/show accounts and balance.  


Check out these videos highlighting the new USAA Mobile App:


Maggie - USAA Mobile App: New Look. New Features.
We’re upgrading our mobile app to make it faster, more personalized and adding smart search.

Dina – USAA Mobile App: Two-tap standard

Everything’s a tap or two away in the app.


Nate – USAA Mobile App: ATM Locator Update

Check out the upgrades to our ATM locator.

Carla – USAA Mobile App: Top of mind to top of app

Travel alerts, unfinished applications and other important info will now appear on the home screen.


Stacy – USAA Mobile App: Smart Search

The app predicts what you’re searching for as you type or talk.

Lonnie – USAA Mobile App: Strong foundation

Less time waiting for the app to load.


To learn more about the USAA app features visit the USAA App information page.


If you have questions about the new app, let us know in the comments and we’ll work to get you the answers and share your feedback!


About the Community: The USAA Member Community is place where members can access USAA information 24/7 and connect with other members. One of our goals in Community is to be a knowledge base where our membership comes when they need clarification or have questions on any military life topic or questions regarding a service USAA provides.


Mike Nickel, USAA Executive Director of Digital Products. Photo by John LillMike Nickel, USAA Executive Director of Digital Products. Photo by John LillMore about Mike Nickel:

Mike started with USAA 28 years ago serving as a claims adjuster. In 1999, he moved into the newly created E-Commerce organization to work on the first iteration of and has worked in the digital field ever since. When Mike isn’t working on USAA’s digital experiences, he and his wife Christina are busy working on the family ranch and managing six adult kids and one granddaughter.  






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@ShannonC12, Thanks for the feedback, I just submitted it. ~Tom


Both my wife and I received an email regarding the new app, it's new look and features.  I checked and we have the latest version of the app installed (iOS App v18.12.1).  The App Store said my version of the app was updated 1 week ago.  However, there's absolutely no difference in the look or features of the app.


I reviewed your Q & A section (here's an extract):


What do members need to do if they are not seeing the latest app?


Mike: If a member received an email about the update but does not see the latest version of the app, check which app version you are currently on. (Profile > scroll down to Version). If the member is on the latest version, they will need to force close the app. The member can confirm the latest app version in the app store.


Well, I'm on the latest version and have forced closed the app as suggested, but no updated look or features.  I've tried restarting our iPhones, deleting the app and reinstalling, no luck.  It's just the same old app, but it does show the current version number (v18.12.1).  I noticed several members have complained of this issue, but not once has USAA attempted to provide a solution for its members to push the update through.  How about a solution?

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USAA Service

@sb1208, Well darn, everything you have tried is what I would suggest. Seems very strange. Please give our tech team a call at 877-632-3002 and see what other work arounds they may have. ~Tom

Occasional Visitor

I just stumbled on this thread and couldn't agree more. I have an email address for Wayne Peacock, but it's the "public address." At least someone reads the email and responds fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the responders are likely junior staffers and the answers I get are frequently wrong. As to the mobile app, doesn't every app on your phone tell you an update is available? Not the USAA app. I just logged on to use it and it was humming along with the old version and made no mention of a new version. As for adding non-USAA accounts to your webpage, good luck. Schwab no longer auto-links, and the Thrift Savings Plan doesn't either. I suspect it could be because those sites have added multi-factor authentication to their sites. So, you will likely never be able to auto-link to those sites again, but USAA doesn't want to tell you that. Banking is getting worse and worse - CD rates suck. There are probably better insurance deals out there with X or GEICO, for home and auto. I'm thinking of finally cutting the cord after 40 years - at least I'll get the big payout from the Subscriber Savings Account. I never agreed with USAA spending millions of dollars on TV ads and sponsoring Bowl games and other sporting events. Maybe if we bombard members on the Board of Directors with letters - shouldn't be able to find some address - things will get better.  ADDENDUM: I used the name of another insurance company (Flo's) in my post and got this: "You attempted to post content that we cannot publish, X, in the body of your post. Please try again."

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USAA Service

@FB111A, thank you for sharing your concerns. We'd hate to lose your business, especially after you've been with us for over 40 years. I do have some insight that I can share on the following topics:



Some members who added Charles Schwab accounts for viewing balance and activity on will temporarily lose access to this account information while enhancements are underway. Starting May 1, Schwab balance/activity will not update. Members will only see balance/activity that occurred on or before April 30. Members cannot refresh or edit this information until late summer when enhancements are complete.



Research shows that only a little more than half our potential members are aware of USAA. Our marketing efforts are meant to reach and inform prospective members about the benefits of USAA membership. The messages we convey highlight the sacrifice and service of the military community, as well as their experience. The messages also educate the ways USAA can protect them, help them save money and make their lives easier. We want anyone who has honorably served our country to have the opportunity to join USAA. 



We never want to lose any of our members, and we understand how important the rates are. Your feedback and concerns are important to us which we have escalated for review. We will review your concerns about service and the USAA Mobile App, as well.  ~DC


Have been a member for over 60 years.  USAA has gone downhill for at least the last 10 years and seems headed the wrong way for good.  A recent meeting of long-term members brought many claims of  possible cancelation as we are provided with little interest or care about the  membership.  So sorry you have chosen to go backwards with contact with members, but it all sounds like recent data received from new leader with special interest of making money at our expense.  




Reference you message: @sb1208, Well darn, everything you have tried is what I would suggest. Seems very strange. Please give our tech team a call at 877-632-3002 and see what other work arounds they may have. ~Tom


I reached out to your tech team. Unfortunately, after numerous attempts I was told they could not help. My case was escalated. Basically, I was told to wait for a call from a supervisor.  I’ve not had much luck in the past waiting for a supervisor to call after a ticket was escalation.  Hopefully, that’s not the case today.


I know this next portion may be a little off topic, but it shows some of the pain-points members are experiencing with customer support.


The contact number you provided is not for the tech support team.  It’s a generic number where you end-up in USAA’s automated telephone support system.


Can you please provide members with the extension for the technical support team?


When calling USAA, members are asked to enter the extension of the person they are trying to reach. If they do NOT know the extension, it’s on to the automated telephone support system. The experience trying to wading through the automated support system is frustrating. And, that’s an understatement.


I challenge senior leadership at USAA to call any of the toll-free numbers in an attempt to reach USAA's technical support staff. If this is possible, please share the secret with your members!!


I use 2FA to access my account. Recently, I had to replace my phone. I did not have an opportunity to turn-off 2FA because my old phone died.  I needed technical support to help navigate the process to access my account from the new phone.


Here’s an example of the call I made for a technical support (I made detailed notes). After the verification process was complete:


USAA's "automated telephone support system": Briefly describe what you are calling about.


Me: Technical support


USAA: You are calling about technical support, right?


Me: Yes


USAA: Thanks. To get you to the right person, I need to know the type problem you are having. Say logging-on, paying a bill, depositing a check, or using a financial or budgeting tool.  For anything else, say other.


Me: Logging-on


USAA: Okay, one of our representatives can help you with that, I just need to collect a bit more information. For which account? Say checking, savings, ATM debit card, credit card, auto load, auto insurance, homeowners or valuable personal property.  Or, you can also say all of them.


Note:  At this point, USAA knows I have a technical support issue logging into my account, but I need to specify the particular account, such as checking, savings, auto insurance, etc.  If you say logging-on again, the process just repeats itself... you are in a loop, the messages is repeated until you specify "for which account" as identified above (e.g., checking, savings, auto insurance, etc.).


Me: checking (I'm frustrated, because I know where this is heading. I don't have any option, but to specify "For which account?" ...). 


USAA: Thanks.  By the way, USAA offers translation services…


USAA: I will connect you to a USAA representative.  We would like feedback from today’s call, would you like to participate?...


On this particular day, I hold for 20+ minutes before reaching a banking representative (checking).  Of course they cannot help me because it's a technical issue (website log-on). The banking representative apologies and says he’s transferring me to tech support, but there’s going to be a little wait/delay. This time I wait 15+ minutes to reach the technical support team.  It’s over 35 minutes before I finally speak with someone with technical support to address my website login issue.


I complained to both the banking and tech support representative, they are sympathetic. But acknowledge USAA has set up their system so you cannot go directly to technical support. 


You’ve wasted my time and your banking representative’s time requiring me to go through a department that can't help with my issue. Why?


It seems it's beneficial to both your members and USAA to transfer the member directly to technical support.  During the process, your system asked, "You are calling about technical support, right?" So you know I'm having a technical support issue.  Why make me talk with another department? 


This was not an isolated incident.  It's happened repeatable over the past couple years. I even spoke with a supervisors about this vary issue several months ago. I was told someone would look into how technical support call where directed.  But, nothing has changed. It happened again today when I reached out to technical support as you suggested.


To USAA's credit, it did not take me 35 minutes to reach the technical support team today, but I still had to talk with a banking representative, explain my issue, then be told they needed to transfer me to the correct department.  But, based on my experience over the past 2 years, today was an anomaly. I've had times where it's taken my almost an hour to reach someone in technical support.  A lot of the time was spent on hold to reach the initial department (e.g., checking, auto insurance, etc.) so I could get transferred to tech support.


Again, I challenge USAA's senior leadership (or anyone with USAA) to try reach technical support without going through another department (e.g., banking, insurance, etc.).

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USAA Service

sb1208 - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

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My mobile app still has not updated.  Do I need to remove it & start over?  

Briana Hartzell USAA

Hi @prrgirl

What version of the app do you have? I believe the latest version is 8.13.1. If you have the latest version and are not seeing an updated app, you will need to force close the app. 


How to force close (iOS): From the Home Screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle of the screen. The member will see all open apps and their preview. Select the USAA App and swipe vertically to force close the app.


Please let me know if this works! Thank you,


Occasional Visitor

Yes I have the new version but this force close did not work.  I will just remove it & try that.



Wife got the new app update a month ago, so I had been keeping an older version installed hoping I wouldn't receive this appalling new update. Unfortunately, I received it today and had to uninstall it so I could use the mobile website, since it's somehow, shockingly, better than the new app. Absolutely massive buttons and huge text that splits up 1 word buttons into multiple lines. It's for all intents and purposes completely unusable on a Galaxy Z Fold 3 in "closed mode". Did USAA hirer a team of app designers who are all 80+ years old and they built the app so they could use it without their glasses? Never thought I'd actually appreciate their not-quite-as-bad mobile website. Smh

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USAA Service

Thank you for reaching out to us about this @lightmaster. We never want our members to be disappointed with our app and I'm saddened to hear that the updated version isn't working very well for you. It's our goal to learn and grow from our members' feedback and I will certainly escalate these concerns to the appropriate area. - Heather

New Member

Almost all of my credit cards are through chase. And I’m just supposed to not be able to import info from these accounts until sometime late summer while you make “enhancements”?? And meanwhile it tells me to delete all these accounts with no explanation- I had to find out about the chase incompatibility through a google search. How about you not release an oversimplified kindergarten-looking app to millions without getting your ducks in a row first.  Thanks. 

USAA Social Service
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USAA Service

@MsMatchedSocks, We value your membership and feedback. Please know that I have submitted the feedback you provided regarding the USAA app and features for review during future service enhancements. Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestions. Tricia

New Member

I have LIVED in this app for years. I use it to manage all my bills for a large and chaotic multi-adult budget, so I definitely put it through its paces, and it has been my lifeline to financial agility in both advance planning and real-time scrambles. I am now desperately searching for a replacement because your redesign has made it unusable for me.

I’m a product manager for mobile communication apps, so I know how important feedback is to the process of a UX redesign. Here’s a plea, as both a comrade-in-arms and a customer:

1. Let us give app feedback in the app. You used to, you took it away, you should put it back. When you radically change the entire user flow of my most-relied-upon mobile app, you need to be in a position to hear my reaction. Whoever made that call has fundamentally hamstrung your product team. It took me way too many steps to find this comment thread, and I knew what I was looking for… imagine what you’re missing.

2. The decision to move Scheduled Transactions to its own tab was a fatal error for a very simple but critical workflow that had me opening this app dozens of times a day: Knowing how much money is left in this pay period after all the bills come out. It’s such a simple use case. The current app makes it amazingly intuitive: The scheduled transactions live happily above the fold in the account view, so all I have to do is scroll up and watch the balance get smaller until the next scheduled deposit, and boom, I know what my buffer is. Someone got gas, a few things shipped from Amazon, and daughter wants to know if she can hit the store? Quick check, quick scroll, the buffer is now down to X, yes you can have Y amount for the store. Boom. Instant real-time awareness of the checking account situation, at my fingertips, at all times.

New UI? Completely impossible. Not only are the transactions fragmented by month, but they’re on an entirely different tab, literally incapable of being viewed alongside current transactions. I have to tap back and forth, context switching and compounding my cognitive load, relating visual objects in my head since the UI has broken their relationship, as I seek to understand what has hit the account and what has yet to hit.

And that’s before you even get to the customer-relationship-damaging decision to not migrate anyone’s scheduled transactions to the new UI. No one should ever have condoned that call. Data migration is always possible even if it takes a kludge. Deciding to trash our data basically says, “Hey, loyal user, have you input your entire financial life into this app so you can rely on it for tracking? Are you basically our most loyal and engaged user base? Screw you in particular, start over or GTFO.”

I am feeling the GTFO pretty strongly. It makes me so sad, because I really do love USAA, I really did love this app, and I really do love innovation in app UX in general. But this has been such a misfire. I can only hope someone is listening closely enough to add a “use legacy UI” toggle to the app settings before it’s too late.

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USAA Service

Good morning @Portulaca. We have received your feedback and will submit this on your behalf. We value your thoughts and feedback on our webpage and services.  This helps us when we are updating our site.  While you may not hear back regarding any changes implemented.  Please keep an eye on our app/webpage for future changes.  We appreciate you taking time to submit this! ~JD


It's been over six weeks since I contacted technical support.  The USAA technical support representative I worked with was unable to resolve the issue.  I was given a reference/incident # and my case was escalated.  I was told someone would contact me soon to resolve the matter (see my post from June 13, 2022).


Again, it's been over six weeks and no one has contacted me.  It's difficult to understand how a incident # can stay open for six weeks without someone in leadership ask why is this case still open?  This is the second time (maybe third time) within the last year I was given an incident number and no one followed up on the case.


This is a typically example why members are completely frustrated with the complete lack of support.  I'm a 40+ year member and regardless of how many times USAA's senior leadership tells me customer support is outstanding and never been better, I believe they are out of touch with their members.  Take the rose-colored glasses off and fix your customer support issues.

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As many of the comments above have illustrated, every penny of advertising spend is wasted until USAA gets its house in order.


New customer acquisition is very expensive; that is well-known across many industries. Imagine going to all of that trouble / expense only for the new folks to have a sub-optimal experience. The old-timers call that “throwing good money after bad”.


I sincerely hope that USAA leadership has stopped all work in the marketing and website/app design departments until at least a preliminary internal ‘incident’/‘after-action’ report has been completed!


I do like the mobile banking app. I’ve been able to do everything I need to do through it, and the chat feature is great! I’ve used it to communicate with real agents with my questions. The new app did mess with the way I had things organized, and for the most part I was able to customize my page back to the way I liked. One issue that I would recommend to fix: when I moved homes I had to migrate renters insurance to a new address. In doing so, the forms automatically cancel the old policy for the date the new one starts. You should consider that there may be overlap in dates. I was able to change the termination date of my old renters policy by speaking with an agent.

USAA Social Service
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USAA Service

Ambassador41, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, as this provides insight on how we can improve our platform even more to enhance our members experience. I've forwarded your feedback to the correct teams for review. We're truly grateful for your membership and please reach out if you have any other concerns or feedback you'd like to share. -Rachael 

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On balance, I find the new app an improvement—much like my old favorite Yodlee from years ago which might be the backend here now. Thank you.  


Here are some recommendations for your consideration to make it better.


For credit card transactions, I really like being able to see groups of “subscriptions” and “uncategorized” transactions up top. Nice. I also like being able to set automatic categorizing of future transactions. Unfortunately, these functions are not possible with my USAA checking account. Can you enable the automatic categorization of future transactions there as well?


My ‘customization’ of account labels and groupings have not ‘stuck.’ They have randomly disappeared.


USAA Social Service
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USAA Service

I appreciate the feedback on the new Money Manager tools, @Paladin-6 - I will definitely forward to the technical team to use. For the issue with the future transactions, to set a rule to assign all past and future transactions to a particular category, please follow these steps:


Go to the Account Summary page and choose the account you want.
Select the category drop-down menu. Then select Set Category Rules.
Create your rule and select Add.


This should allow you to set those up. As for your customization disappearing, I haven't heard of any issues, but I will forward that to the technical team. Next time you see this occurring, you may want to give them a call to troubleshoot. You can reach them directly at 1-877-632-3002, anytime between 6 a.m. and Midnight CT, 7 days a week. - Cathleen

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I'm a long time customer of USAA, and one of the biggest benefits was the ability to create customized categories for my expenditures. This is no longer available, and, as is mentioned in comments already logged here, all of my old expenditures were recategorized. This was such a useful and time saving tool for me, but now it takes much longer, and is much more difficult, to find specific items that I am looking for, and to do my budgeting.

I see many, many, many, many responses that these complaints are being "sent to the appropriate persons", but I see no further comments addressing these issues. Do you have appropriate persons to address them? 

Between the 15 minutes of phone mazes when I call, the seeming lack of care for the customers likes and dislikes,  and the lack of response to complaints and issues here, USAA has lost the level of Personal Customer Care that it used to have, and just become another bank, with customers that are numbers on a ledger instead of people. Perhaps it's time to seek out a local, small Credit Union, that values its members, instead of staying with USAA, which doesn't seem to be concerned about us....

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USAA Service

I regret to hear you feel this way @Captainkidd as we never want to lose a member. I was able to locate your USAA profile and will engage the appropriate area, if further information is needed they may reach out to you. We appreciate your bringing your concerns to us today. -Emily