Tara Crooks
Limitless Contributor

This past week my husband has been on leave. I don't know about your household but if we're not traveling on block leave then there is most definitely a leave checklist being made. One of the things at the top of his list was to finally attend the "NAF Property Sale". He had heard about these sales from a buddy of his at work. I had seen flyers about them before but never really looked into what this type of sale was all about.


The typical marketing for them, regardless of the installation your stationed, reads something like — NAF Property Sale, date, location, hours for active duty, retirees, and then general public. There really are no typical items for sale because it varies so much from installation to installation. In our case the advertised items for sale included: Glassware, Dishes, Cribs, Office Chairs, Children's Furniture, File Cabinets, Printers, Computer (no hard drive), Lockers (from Bowling Center), Commercial Ranges, Commercial Food Warmers, Washing Machine, Electric Smoker (22oV) and various odds and ends.


I humored him because seriously we don't need any of these things on this list. I have to admit it was a really cool experience. There were many things for sale — mostly large items — that came out of our Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs here on our installation. If you were a childcare provider, a small-business owner, or even one of those guys from Storage Wars you'd be in hog heaven!


Of course you know attending just got my wheels turning and made me more curious as to how all of this happens and what exactly a NAF Property Sale really is.


NAF stands for Non-Appropriated Funds. In general, the accounting practices and financial statements that relate to federal entities are financed by annual or periodic appropriations by Congress. However, there are several federal activities that provide services and goods that are financed by other than annual appropriations, hence the name "non-appropriated fund" activities.


In the military NAF programs provide valuable services and support to our military personnel and their families. We, as family members, know most of these programs as our military exchanges and morale, welfare, and recreation programs.


Periodically your installation will conduct sales of excess inventory bought with non-appropriated funds for previous official use or retail. NAF sale items are sold at greatly reduced prices. NAF sales are open to all military identification card holders, and provide a way to dispose of excess NAF property, benefit the community and support base activities with the profits. It's a WIN-WIN.


You can check with your local installation's morale program coordinator/office to find out the location and date of the next NAF sale. You never know what you might find!