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I've been a USAA Military Spouse Community manager for several years now and prior to that worked with USAA many times in collaboration on other projects within the military community. In many years of working with them I have met many of their 24,000 employees and it never ceases to amaze me that every single one I've met is not only the nicest person but truly loves their job.


When you consider the time you invest in work, the importance of loving your job is huge. Author Curt Rosengren says, "Loving your work is not frivolous, it actually pays huge dividends in your life. And many of them aren't even work-related."


This past month, USAA ranked highly in a national magazine's "best places to work" list. You can read more about it here. It tells about USAA having "one of the richest benefit programs around."


You know me, I'm a curious girl. I want to really know why they're always smiling. Was it just the benefits program? So I asked them, point blank, "What is it that you love about your job?"


USAA Lead Business Manager Stephanie Wright tells us her favorite "perk" is the fitness centers and the fantastic health benefits. When asked how USAA makes their employees feel appreciated and loved, Stephanie says, "They provide world-class benefits and performance bonuses to their employees."


Paloma Button, USAA Financial Foundations Specialist, spends her days providing member service to USAA members regarding billing, property, and casualty. She loves that she is able to interact with the members, "We have the best customers in the world and it's a true pleasure getting to know our members and finding solutions to their complex situations. There is a level of trust and a bond with our members. They share their life events with us and it's a great feeling knowing that they trust me with some of their most valuable possessions." Button speaks very highly of her employers care of their team members, "USAA truly cares about its employees and it shows."


USAA employee and military spouse Jennifer Vancheri serves USAA members as part of the Member Services team. Her favorite perk is camaraderie of those with which she works. She says, "I love that I can wear my USAA polo on any military installation with pride!" Jennifer and her family are facing a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and she says USAA management has "jumped through flaming hoops" to accommodate her and keep her on board as an employee.


Leadership Development Advisor/Enterprise Development, Mynor Castillo, retired from the military after serving 24 years. These days he spends his days implementing and managing leadership programs to support the development of USAA"s leaders. "This company culture is so different because it is so member focused", Castillo says. Castillo adds, "CEO Joe Robles has done a phenomenal job of ensuring all employees are appreciated by having "celebration days" honoring birthdays of our services, free holiday lunches, fantastic holiday parties with entertainment, and annual/holiday bonuses."


Glenn Boker serves as a USAA Senior Instructor in Member Contact Learning where they train newly hired auto claims adjusters. His favorite thing is when he is able to talk to a member and their conversation leads them to learn they shared some time on location at the same installations he did when he served in the Army. He also enjoys helping former service members successfully transition from the military to their next career in the civilian world. Boker says, "USAA has great teamwork; from our CEO all the way down to the Member Service Representative on the phone. We have a noble mission and we are all focused on doing everything we can to facilitate the financial security of our members."


USAA's Heather Zahn, military spouse and Financial Foundations Insurance Relationship Specialist, loves her deployed spouse's group, onsite health clinic, and onsite cafeteria. But her favorite perk is, "Everyone here wants you to succeed and get moved up the chain and I always feel supported in my goals."


Military spouse Danielle Austin serves USAA members as a Financial Foundations Associate and assists members with their insurance needs. She says USAA management is very vocal about emphasizing the importance of balancing home life with work life. "This shows her how much they value the well-being of their representatives", she says. "USAA is not a company just focused on having a profitable year, it's a company passionate about taking care of their members and employees."


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What's not to love?