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If you are having difficulty saving, it might be because you think that you must save hundreds of dollars at once, but small amounts can add up. This technique, known as micro savings, enables you to build savings with more manageable amounts. Text Savings leverages this concept to help new savers start saving as well as experienced savers save extra.


What is Text Savings?

Text Savings uses micro savings to help build savings account balances. After a simple and quick enrollment, text savings will move anywhere from $1-$9 a few times per week based on your checking account balance. As a safeguard, the transfer will not occur if your balance drops below $100. On average, members are saving $70/month.


How much does it cost?

There is no charge to you as a USAA member. All you need is a USAA checking account, USAA savings account, and a mobile phone.


So why is it called Text Savings?

The name comes from the daily text messages that include your checking account balance as well as a light-hearted message from Tracker the dog. Also, members can text back with various commands to personalize the experience.


What’s the deal with Tracker the dog?

Tracker is the mascot behind Text Savings and is a German Shepherd inspired by the military working dog. He is relentlessly looking for manageable amounts of money to move into your savings account.


Do I have to tell Text Savings how much or when to save?

Nope, that’s all part of the simplicity of Text Savings. Text Savings does all the work for you to determine when and how much money to save and then moves the money into your savings account.


Does Text Savings work?

Since this free tool was launched in May 2017, over 65,000 members are actively using text savings and have transferred $31.5M into their savings accounts. Not to mention, members have sent over 150,000 text messages to increase how much they save.


Micro savings is a great way to help you start saving or inspire you to save more if you are already saving. If you are ready to give micro savings a try You can try text saving here.


Have you tried Text Savings or have a question? Let us know below!





About the Author: Jeremy Grant is the Lead Experience Owner for the Text Savings program. The job is focused on being the end to end expert on the experience while taking into considerations from member feedback, technical development, and more, to develop world class experiences for our members.  


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Hello @Laurelita. It is great to hear that you love this savings feature. Currently members are only able to use one checking and one savings account for this feature. -Colleen

Chaplain J
New Member

My daily texts stopped several weeks ago. I tried to turn them back on with the command "text on," but I just received the message: "Your daily text messages are already turned on." 


Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!

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USAA Service

Dear @Chaplain J


I am very sorry you are having trouble with the daily texts. We can gladly look into this for you. Please call us at 877-632-3002 for technical support. Thank you for reaching out. - Jesse 

Old Sarge

I want to stop all text savings. How do I do this. I called USAA and they said they stopped it but has not happened. Do I stop on text messages I get? 

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USAA Service

Thank you for your question, @Old Sarge. To make changes, follow the steps below or please call 1-877-632-3003 and speak with Website Support: 

  1. Launch and log into
  2. Click on eagle icon.
  3. Go to Profile & Preferences then Delivery Settings.
  4. Click on Edit Settings
New Member

When I try to activate the Text Savings, it tells me I have to have a savings account for it to work. I DO have a savings account but it's not working.

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USAA Service

Thank you so much for reaching out to share your concern with us. We will b happy to look further into this for us. It could be that the status of your savings account will need to be updated so it shows available for the Text Savings. To assist you, please initiate a chat through USAA.COM or from the USAA mobile app If you use and depending on the landing page, you will be given one of the following options:


•"Reach A Representative"
•"Contact USAA"
•"Ask USAA"


If you use our USAA mobile app, please


•Select “Help.”


Please Note: The chat link will not appear if chat is unavailable for this product or line of business you are trying to reach. You can call our Deposit Servicing Team at 800-531-8722. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. CT, Saturday 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. CT, and Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT. Thank you!

Frequent Visitor

As I get older each year, I feel more and more at a disadvantage.  More and more companies, yours included, push seniors to use the smart phone for apps that provide nice things like this program.  But, none seem to consider that as a senior, with eyesight less than it used to be, hands that shake more and difficulty entering passwords and numbers may have a hard time using them.  Recently my communications compay, garage door automation, security camera app. and others have forced me to use my smart phone.  I have always been a gadget person, loved telephones and electronic devices but now I really hate the smart phone.  Trying to enter my password with my fat fingers on tiny letter gets me locked out.  Reading security codes requires me to find my reading glasses.  And so, I cannot take part in this program as it just frustrates me so much to try and use that tiny screen when I have purchases a 27 inch iMac in order to have a screen easy to operator.

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@Hachiko, Thank you for reaching out! You can enroll for the Text Savings on the website, you do not have to enroll via the app. At the top of the website click on My Tools and then under Budgeting & Goals click on Savings Booster. It will show you our different options. If you choose Text Savings, we will text you the daily balance updates of your account. Hope this helps!  ~Tom