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We have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22 worldwide since 1970. 48 years later, as we approach yet another Earth Day, you may think about the respect we have between the environment and other beings that share earth with us.


Have you stopped to think about what type of impact you are making on our earth daily?


There is so much we can do to help take care of our environment. Where do we start? How about here? Within our own communities we can stop and be more conscious of our own environmental footprint.


It can all start with one small change in your daily life that can result in leaving a positive impact on our environment, such as getting your documents online. You can view all documents online, save or print what you need and in the process, this action over years can save hundreds of trees.


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sandra Colunga and Justin Fults, both Digital Channel Managers here at USAA, about the Documents Online feature available to members.


Angela: Tell us more about the Documents Online area, and how can a member utilize this feature?


Justin: You can access your USAA documents online from the My Documents page on or the mobile app. Here you’ll find documents related to the accounts that you own along with general USAA documents.


Once you log on, select My Documents from the drop-down menu:


new 1.png


Angela: Are all members eligible to use his feature?


Sandra: Yes, but members must be digitally enrolled before they can sign up to receive documents online. You can change your preferences and enroll here once you are logged in to your account.


Angela: How would a member know that their documents are ready to view?


Sandra: When a document is posted, a notification is sent to the member. You can decide how you want to receive these notifications from the Delivery Settings page on My Profile and Preferences.  


From the My Documents page, click Document Preferences:


new 2.png


Scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find the section where you can set your document preference for each of your accounts listed on the left. Here’s an example of the checking account document version:



Angela: Can anyone access financial documents? How much safer is this feature than receiving paper statements?


Sandra and Justin: Only account holders can view their documents once they have successfully logged into our website or mobile app using their USAA logon credentials. You also never have to worry about having your USAA documents stolen from your mail box.


Angela: Will members receive statements sooner than in the mail?


Sandra: Absolutely! The documents are posted as soon as they are ready.


Angela: Is a member able to customize their settings for what statements or bills they receive?


Sandra and Justin: Yes, you can decide what documents you want to receive from the Account Messaging page on My Profiles and Preferences. When you get to this page, the documents preference section is below the Alerts section.


This Earth Day, celebrate by doing something kind for yourself and the planet! 


Are you utilizing documents online? Share your thoughts below.


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About the blogger: Angela Caban is an Army National Guard spouse, published author and branding expert. In 2010, she founded the Homefront United Network, a military spouse and family support blog created to assist spouses who do not live near an installation, but also focusing on bridging the gap between National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty spouses. She has an extensive background in Human Resources and Communications, with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Human Resources. Angela resides in the beautiful Garden State of New Jersey with her husband and two children.


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tigger joe
New Member

Documents Online sounds real handy, but yet very scary.   Sure,  i have access to documents while online from nearly anywhere, anytime.    But, where are these files being stored? - not on my hard drive for sure;   they are stored somewhere else on someone else's hard drives.    So, while my files are stored on someone else's hard drives,   who else has access to my files?   I have no control over those hard drives on those computers in someone else's location.   And i have absolutely no signed contract between me and the owners of those online drives, and how my files are kept private.    Too much is left to blind trust.