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Sleigh bells ring... or are those wedding bells!? According to, Christmas day is the most popular day to get engaged (followed closely by Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day)! Are you planning on popping the question this holiday season?


Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of a marriage proposal did you know that the special ring could be covered by a Valuable Personal Property (VPP) plan? All this talk of a sparkling engagement ring makes me think of all the gifts mentioned in the classic Christmas song Santa Baby… “forgot to mention one little thing, a ring (I don’t mean on the phone!)”.


If you are planning on purchasing a big-ticket item or trimming your tree with something bought at Tiffanys, you might consider how to protect that item from loss, theft or damage. Most personal property items are covered under some typical homeowners or renters insurance policies, but there could be limitations. A VPP policy provides coverage with no deductible for higher-ticket items. The VPP policy also provides coverage for accidental damage and loss, which are not covered under your homeowners or renters policy.


Valuable personal property plans cover:

  1. Jewelry: Like engagement rings! Or other items such as, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches. You can insure each piece, or an entire jewelry collection.
  2. Electronics (i.e. camera): This seems like a great idea for electronics gifted to teens.
  3. Firearms: Legally-owned firearms, scopes, cases and accessories.
  4. Fine Art (military antiques and heirlooms): Artwork, antique furniture, oriental rugs and antique musical instruments or guns that are used solely for display.
  5. Silverware/Furs: Flatware, tea and coffee sets, serving pieces and candle holders made of or plated with silver, gold or pewter. Also, garments that are made of or trimmed with natural fur in case someone slips a sable under your tree.
  6. Stamps and Coins: Stamp collections, collectible coins, paper money, rare coins and currency.
  7. Instruments: Musical instruments and their accessories owned for personal use.

Learn more about Valuable Personal Property plans here.


Holidays are filled with love and good cheer and if you plan to propose I wish you the best of luck! What a wonderful memory you will create this giving season!


Are you planning to pop the question this Christmas season? Share your proposal stories or your plan to get engaged!



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