Samsung Pay arrives Oct. 11 | USAA Member Community

The story behind the wait


Starting Tuesday, Oct. 11 Samsung Pay will be available for all USAA Visa debit and credit cards. Samsung Pay allows you to pay with a compatible Samsung device at almost any place you can pay with your card!


You can also rest assured knowing USAA doesn’t share any of your information with Samsung. We also take extra measures to help ensure that you are the one activating your card on Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay doesn’t store or share your payment information, so you can pay without worry.


Learn how to add Samsung Pay to your card.


You might wonder what took so long, since we’re providing the service following months of your feedback. More than 700 of our members commented, here, on Member Community that they would like to use Samsung Pay.


“When we begin making updates to features, we look at what meets your most urgent needs,” said Pypper Namikas, director of daily banking experiences at USAA Bank. “We took every comment made, here, on Member Community to heart.”

Members like Tom who writes “I, as well as many other USAA members, have a Samsung mobile phone. I have not been able to use the Samsung Pay application due to being a loyal USAA member. I have also been a loyal Samsung customer for many years. I do not see this changing. But Samsung Pay has been a huge innovation added to many people’s lives that I should be able to experience as well. Please let me know why this is not a function that a USAA member cannot have made available.”


Tom, we thank you for your loyal membership and we heard you! USAA’s technical teams have been working for several months on providing Samsung Pay. During that time, USAA also created or improved upon our more than 100 digital features to make your banking simpler, such as making funds deposited through Deposit@Mobile accessible sooner and increasing security measures to make accounts harder for hackers to get into.


“It’s a tough balance for us as we look into the digital experiences we plan to offer you,” said Namikas. “We know that our members tend to be very digitally savvy and Samsung Pay provides a great convenience.”


Your needs drive what we do every day at USAA.As an association, we look for ways to best use our membership’s dollars to provide value and top-of-the-line features.


We will provide more information on Samsung Pay for USAA American Express credit card holders in December. 









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