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There are two types of drivers. One, like myself, who views the low fuel light on their dashboard as a friendly reminder and another like my husband who fills his tank even before the light has a chance to illuminate. I should have known that my rogue ways of testing how accurate my “miles until empty” car gauge performed would catch up with me…


In this post, we are taking a closer look at top questions in community regarding USAA’s Roadside Assistance. We hope this help you understand the service and provide information in the case you too have the need for some aid on the road.


Here are the services available with Roadside Assistance:

  • Changing flat tires.
  • Emergency gasoline delivery. (The price of gas isn't covered.)
  • Lost keys and lockouts. (The cost of the key isn't covered.)
  • Towing when stuck on or by a public roadway.
  • Towing disabled vehicle to the nearest repair facility.


How do I get Roadside Assistance?

Request roadside assistance online or call Agero, our roadside service provider, at 800-531-8555.

Outside the United States? Please call us using our international phone directory.


When you call, please have the following ready:

  • Your USAA number
  • Your location

What if I use a towing company of my own choosing?

If you use a provider that does not work with Agero then you can submit your receipt for review and reimbursement.


If you have already had services provided and need reimbursement, you can submit your claim online, use the USAA App on your mobile device, or call us at 210-531-USAA(8722).


If I needed to get gas for my car do I have to have money for it at the time or how does that work?

Roadside Assistance will pay for the fuel to be delivered to your location; however, it will not pay for the actual cost of the fuel. 


Have you had to utilize roadside assistance or have questions? Please comment below.


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About the Author: Briana Hartzell is a Navy spouse, mother to two beautiful girls (4 and 2 years), a former full time USAA employee and a graduate of Texas A&M University. Briana writes at Being Briana, a blog focused on the joys that military life and parenthood can bring.


USAA Roadside Assistance™ is part of USAA Towing and Labor coverage and applies to covered vehicles only. USAA Roadside Assistance is provided through Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., Medford, MA 02155, except in AK, CA, HI, OR, WI and WY, where services are provided through Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. NOTE: If you need to use USAA Roadside Assistance for an insured vehicle that does not have USAA Towing and Labor coverage, you will be responsible for all charges and services performed. USAA Roadside Assistance coverage does not cover the cost of repair parts. Additional premium required for towing and labor coverage with USAA Roadside Assistance


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@jessayin I hope you have been able to connect through the app but if you are still having trouble, please give us a call at 800-531-8722 so we can help. I know the phone system was frustrating so if you ask for "auto insurance" then you will be directed to the right team. Please let me know if I can guide you further or help in any way. -Meredith

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Good afternoon @Jawz33 and great question.  If a loss is reported to USAA, it will be sent to the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange database.  Did you have a roadside assistance claim affect you?  We can take a look at your profile/policy to verify and when ready, we are available via chat or phone to fully review your coverage and policy.  ~ Marco

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When I discovered I had a flat tire, I followed the instructions within the USAA website for RSA. I received a confirmation within five minutes that Pop-A-Lock would be at my location within 25 minutes. The wait time between my phone call to the completion of the spare tire replacement was an astonishing 40 minutes. Thank you to Calvin from Killeen for an excellent job and outstanding customer service.

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@Gus14, I am happy to hear that the instructions provided helped get you taken care within an hour of making the roadside assistance request.  Thank you for your membership and sharing your experience with us today.  ~Marco

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Hi.  Could you clarify your previous answer on whether using Roadside Assistance would be reported as a claim on your insurance policy.  

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@CuriousKat, thanks for reaching out for clarification regarding Roadside Assistance. These types of claims typically do not affect rates because of the amount generally paid out, nor do they usually appear on CLUE reports, however, they may appear as Towing & Labor. Frequency of usage can affect the availability and cost of the coverage for individual members. If you have further questions, please feel free to give us a call at 800-531-8722. Thank you. -Cynthia