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I love Cyber Monday, mainly because I can score some pretty great deals on items all from the comfort of my home! While I do enjoy shopping in stores, I am not a fan of the mobs and lines from Black Friday, and frankly, I can find better deals online.


Cyber Monday is perhaps the biggest online shopping day of the year, but it is also a day when the risks of online shopping is higher due to online scammers knowing there will be many shopping.


In preparation for a busy day of online purchases, here are 6 online safety tips to follow.


  1. Stay away from pop-up ads. Many times those pop-up ads show amazing deals, savings and even coupon codes. Unless they are coming directly from a trusted retailer site, do not click on them as there are many scams that capture information.
  2. Be aware of Facebook ad scams. You will see what looks like legitimate ads for products in your newsfeed, or perhaps a link sent via private message. Be cautious as many of those sites and coupons are not real and are cross-site scripting attacks.
  3. Make sure the site is secure. When you are shopping on a site, ensure that there is a padlock icon on the left of the URL. This means that any information coming from your browser to the site you are on stays private.
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  4. Do not use debit cards. If there is one thing you want to keep safe it should be your bank account. Be safe and use a credit card if necessary or PayPal works in a pinch with your debit card.
  5. Don’t ever shop while on public Wi-Fi. It can be tempting to grab your laptop and head to the coffee shop, but this is one very unsafe move. If your connection is open, so is everything you are doing on that computer. Play it safe and wait until you are on a secure connection at home.
  6. Update your security software. Is everything up to date on your computer? Ensure that you are running the latest version of your anti-virus software and that your computer has been through a recent scan.


Are you an online shopper? What kind of online deals have you scored during Cyber Monday sales? Share with us in the comments below.


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