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Updated September 2021


The new logon experience is a more user-friendly and streamlined approach to how members login. The updated online experience safeguards your information by supplying you with more secure methods to login while making more intuitive and easier to navigate.


Q: Is there anything members need to do?

Please review your contact information – especially the email addresses and text-capable phone numbers on Update your information if needed. If you haven’t done so already, we also recommend downloading the USAA Mobile App from the Google Play, Microsoft or Apple Store. It’s easy to download and secure.


Q: How will the Browser Recognition feature improve the authentication experience?

Browser recognition or “remember me” replaces the need to enter additional credentials and one-time codes every time you logon because your browser is recognized. This makes the experience easier while still protecting your accounts. To activate this feature, simply logon to and click the “remember this browser” box. Once you set up this feature, future logons from this browser will not require you to enter an additional one-time code.



To see the new logon experience in action, check out this video:



For more information about how you can be proactive and strengthen your account, please visit the USAA Security Center.



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Banks Never Ask That!





Instead of a video, can we get some Pictures? That way deployed soldiers do not have to waist the bandwidth.

Briana Hartzell USAA


@running100 Absolutely. Working to get that for you and other deployed members now. Thank you for the great suggestion!

IRA Puzzled
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When will you start supporting Yubico security keys so I don't have to rely on my phone?

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While I applaud Mr Slaughter's efforts to protect my assests, he and others in the (I am in charge of programs - World not you) are forgetting about a large segement of the USAA Community. By that I mean the Senior Citizens. Instead of asking what we need for fraud and security, He springs it on us on friday. This Friday I received a text message aout my life insurance policy. The text said I needed to sign a document. When I started to go into my mobile app on my phone, Lo and behold, nothing in my log in worked. So being the smart 77 year old CWO/GS14 Intell guy that I was. I said hey jump on the desktop, it's just the Security people (I was one once) initiating another change to the way we the Member... can see our information (they know better than we do about our $ and how we want to see our information). But to cut this story short, after 10 phone calls each telling me that I can get my information by logging into the Website (but of course I can't Mr Slaughter, because you cut my access off because of SECURITY. I am be retired. I don't have time to wait for 20 minutes at the number You have on the Home page to wait for someone. So using my training, I said, HEY look for another number. So I said the Old numbers are still good, go to the Rollidex and put one out. Eureka, I found one! The New Voice of USAA answered (which put a chill down my spine), but it said I will transfer you to a LIVE PERSON. She was very nice and solved my problem quickly, even though we got cut off one (my mistake) and she called me back to make sure I was satisfied. Helped me reset my password and everything. USAA STILL HIRES GOOD PEOPLE, but I'm not sure that the Executive Wing the same. When the organization put Civilians in Charge (Without Military Experience) it changed. I understand USAA had to change to Survive, but I still have not understood why the CEO and the COO were combined. If it was to save salary, that was penny wise and pound follish!  So, Chief Security and Chief programmer, please give this old, tired, Warrant Officer some lead time for these changes. My wife has quit checking USAA because you are moving TOO Fast, in Fact, I can't understand how a deployed Spec4 using even a Iphone 12 pro Max can help his wife left in Tulia Texas fix the bank account or other problem. Looking at the period between March 1972 when I became a Warrant to today. I had no problem contacting USAA from anywhere in the world. But Last Friday, I was cut off. You tell us on the phone to log in, but you tell us that Account is SUSPENDED because of Security. WITHOUT notice, not only to the Member, but obviously to the operating departments as well. Maybe you know something that I don't know, I have personally assured my Brother, My nephew, my Daughter, as well as about 20 friends that even though USAA is a bit higher preimum it is because of the Service. But that is coming to an end,  if you keep going the way you are.  There are a lot of new companies looking for business, offering the same types of coverage, financial offers, rental cars travel etc.  You have a lot of money invested in me, so don't blow it by not having the young solider and the old Warrant kept in mind!  Feel free to respond!   

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Wow @Jimmied43! As a tenured member, please know we certainly appreciate you sharing this with us. Your concerns make sense. We put great importance on the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers. This is why I'll be happy to forward your concerns to the appropriate area to further review it for you. ~ Stacy

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IRA Puzzled - Thank you for your feedback, currently we do not have plans to utilize Yubico. - Jason

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Is this Device Recognition, or Browser Recognition?  Mike's statement above: "Once you complete an initial OTC, then you will be enrolled and future logons from this browser will not require you to complete the OTC process."


I'd be willing to bet this is only the case if browser cookies are left in place after logging off from USAA. Those of us who wipe all information from our browsers each time we close them (which I strongly recommend for a host of security reasons) will still have to complete the OTC each time.

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I dont' and won't use a mobile applet for banking.  I use my PC, and I'm Ok w/ requiring a password, pin number, and security question.  I also use a VPN for added security, but often financial orgs treat a VPN as suspcious activity and block logins.  

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Never explained how to get new Access and Pin for Quicked.  Not very helpful.

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for Quicken