New Logon Experience for USAA Members

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Updated September 2021


The new logon experience is a more user-friendly and streamlined approach to how members login. The updated online experience safeguards your information by supplying you with more secure methods to login while making more intuitive and easier to navigate.


Q: Is there anything members need to do?

Please review your contact information – especially the email addresses and text-capable phone numbers on Update your information if needed. If you haven’t done so already, we also recommend downloading the USAA Mobile App from the Google Play, Microsoft or Apple Store. It’s easy to download and secure.


Q: How will the Browser Recognition feature improve the authentication experience?

Browser recognition or “remember me” replaces the need to enter additional credentials and one-time codes every time you logon because your browser is recognized. This makes the experience easier while still protecting your accounts. To activate this feature, simply logon to and click the “remember this browser” box. Once you set up this feature, future logons from this browser will not require you to enter an additional one-time code.



To see the new logon experience in action, check out this video:




For more information about how you can be proactive and strengthen your account, please visit the USAA Security Center.



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