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My mother learned the hard way (4 times), that keeping your phone in your pocket when jumping into the lake is not the best way to cool off on a sweltering summer day. I too have learned my lesson and I purchase the largest, most protective case (no matter how hard it makes it to get it in my pocket) because my drop record is not stellar.


Now that phones can cost as much as $1,000 dollars, breaking or losing your phone can be a significant monetary loss. I asked some fellow military spouses some of the ways they have broken a phone, in case this has happened to you….just know you are not alone!


Ashlen: It is as unbelievable as it sounds… my husband’s friend tasered my husband while my phone was in his back pocket. My phone didn’t stand a chance.


Mobile Phone Protection

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Paula: My son called from college said his phone fell out of his pocket while riding his bike to class... it fell in the snow and then some “creature” grabbed it and drug it into the snowy bushes. I laughed but he swears he was out on those college campuses!


Nicole: We were at Schlitterbahn and I bought one of those “waterproof cases”. After going down each slide, my phone felt warm - water had been getting inside a little more each ride. Bye bye waterlogged phone.


Elaine: A friend of mine lost hers out of her back pocket…into the toilet at the O Club.


Danielle: My son slid the phone off a picnic table while camping and the screen and screen protector shattered when it landed on a small pebble.


Mattea: My horse tried to eat it and he and I fought over it. I let go and he flung it into the water trough, it was shattered and had water damage.


My story? The day I got my new phone, it fell out of my back pocket and was gone! I feel incredibly grateful that an honest person ended up turning it in, but for hours I was sick with the thought of replacing the phone at full cost!

When it comes to protecting your phone investment, know your options.

Did you know protecting your phone with one of our member plans has these benefits:

  1. Unlike a phone warranty that doesn't typically cover loss or theft; the plan includes replacement and repair.
  2. If you need a new phone, the goal is to complete the process within 48 hours after submitting the request.

Whether you have a track record of breaking or losing your phone, or you are planning to gift a mobile device to someone (especially a teenager) this Holiday season, make sure to #GuardYourGifts!

How have you broken a phone? Have you lost one all together? Share in the comments!



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Immediate coverage for undamaged phones purchased same day mobile phone protection plan purchased. Protection Plan for undamaged phone may be purchased for up to 12 months after the purchase of the phone. There is a 30 day waiting period for phones owned prior to the day the protection plan is purchased.


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