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To who it my concern ,I'm email to see if and when we will be closing on 2530 shadow creek ln Elizabethtown Ky We have had Five differ closing dates(June 10 - June 17-June 24 July 5 July 8th and as of July 8th We were told it was at the under writting it is now July 13 and we still havent heard when or if we're going to close. We are needing to close so we can pay off the home equity loan we have with Usaa. Ms Huff has been calling and emailing Usaa also and nobody is telling her anything they just keep saying they have everything they needed and its with the under writters and they will call with the closing date,that was July 8th . We are (both parties) Wilkins and Huff are usaa members and have been for a very long time.both of us do all our banking with Usaa. We just need to know if its close to being done.Im not asking for any privacy information We just need to know if anything is going to happen soon.We have a the pay off until July 20. Pls let Us know if you can be any help to us or put us in touch with someone who can help . The soon we close the sooner we can pay off on this Home Equity Loan with Usaa. Thank You Cardellia Wilkins
spouse of over 25 yrs. continues to exhibit anger outbursts. today for the first time he threatened to go close all our financial accounts. how can he do that and do I have any rights as a spouse. both of us are retired,he gets the big retirement checks.