When you ask a civilian what is the one thing they don’t leave home without, chances are they’d immediately answer their cell phone. Ask the same question to a military service member or a family member and they’d most likely say their military ID. If it wasn’t number one on their list, it would be very close to the top. We don’t go much of anywhere without our ID. We use it for entering the installation, shopping at the EXCHANGE or DeCA, visiting the pharmacy, proof of insurance, even logging into a work computer.


Did you know the same ID you use for everyday tasks is like having a permanent coupon in your pocket? Not just for use on/near your installation, in civilian world too.


Many service members and their families are unaware of the immense discounts available to them at retailers nationwide. There is no doubt about it, military discounts can make a big difference for family budgets. You can find discounts on everything from flowers to home improvement, cell phone service to clothing, movie tickets to free appetizers, even travel and hotels.


I once purchased a giant memory foam Sac for our play room and just happened to call the website to ask if they honored a discount. They did! Saved myself considerable amount of money and scored a great deal. Last week I was redecorating my bedroom and purchased a picture at Kirkland’s and not only received my 10% discount when the sales associate saw my ID (I didn’t even have to ask) in my wallet, but she also honored it on top of the sale price!


Here are some sites to utilize to find military discounts:


Troop Swap
Military One Source
Military Avenue’s Reward Finder
Just For Military Discounts
Military and Veterans Discount Center
Armed Forces Vacation Club


Here’s the deal, while you sometimes do not have to ask because businesses are just that awesome, most of the time you do. People are most always friendly when you do. I’ve even had Old Navy honor their military discount on a day that wasn’t their “typical” day.


The hardest part is remembering to ask. These discounts aren’t usually displayed in storefront windows, restaurant windows or on the home page of business websites. Though the sites above have a large collection of discounts, don’t assume that if a business isn’t listed that they won’t be accommodating. Flash your hard –earned “coupon” and start asking. Happy saving! 



Do you find it hard to ask for your military discount?

What is the best deal you’ve found?

Where do you go to find military discounts?

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