Member Feedback Opportunity on Renewing a Policy

Policy Renewal Feedback Request USAA Community.jpeg.pngAt USAA, we know the best way to improve the products and services is to look to the membership.


We want your feedback on how we can enhance and improve the process you go through to renew your policies. Skip to question three to get straight to the feedback or read on for some background:


We spoke with USAA Employee Paul Canario about an exciting opportunity for USAA members to be a part of enhancing the policy renewal experience.



Paul Canario USAA Community.jpgQ1: Can you tell us a little bit about your role at USAA.

A:  I am responsible for the interactions that take place between you and USAA as it relates to the renewal of your Auto and Property Insurance policies. This includes, ensuring that you receive appropriate documentation, providing our Insurance Professionals with the tools and resources necessary to respond to our member’s inquiries about renewal rate changes, and ensuring that USAA remains compliant with 50+ regulatory agencies. I am also responsible for understanding the risks, gaps and pain points so that my team and I can work towards finding process improvements that benefit the members, USAA employees and USAA as a company.



Q2: What features are coming in the future to improve how members renew their policy?

A: Part of my role involves understanding how other areas within USAA impact renewing your policy. I work behind the scenes, collaborating with different teams to improve the overall Renew My Policy Experience. We are currently looking at opportunities to upgrade the USAA-to-member exchange of information during the insurance renewal period. The entire Member Experience, from how we communicate renewal information, to how you receive and interpret any changes at renewal, is open for enhancement.



Q3: How can members give their feedback that would help influence the upcoming changes?

A:  Here in community! I am reaching out here to ask for your input on improvements to the current format. Here are some questions for you to consider:

1. Are you satisfied with the renewal packets you receive today?
If not, what can USAA do better?

2. Are you able to easily locate relevant information in your renewal paperwork?
f not, how would you like to see relevant information displayed so that it is easy to find?

3. What is most important for you to see when you look through your renewal paperwork?
What is not there that you would like to have available?

4. How do you feel about the way in which USAA communicates changes that impact your renewal

5. Where would you like to see further explanations and details?

6. Are there adequate channels for you to request additional information?


Your input and experiences can play a direct role in improving the policy renewal process. We look forward to hearing your input.