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My husband and I sit down and talk about our goals and wishes for the year and it is fun to fantasize about the fun trips we would love to take, and what it would take to make them happen. It was such a fun conversation I asked my military spouse friends what their vacation dreams for this year would be.



Abby: Kauai Hawaii post deployment! Such a hidden gem and great military housing (Barking Sands) if you can reserve early.


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Jaime: We are thinking of renting a trailer and driving to Yellowstone this summer. We’ve never been, but hear it’s gorgeous. Our dream is a Viking river cruise sans kiddos. And I do want to take a Disney’s on our bucket list.


Brittany It’s funny how our vacation dreams have shifted since being stationed in Japan. It’s not uncommon to hear of people vacationing to Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, Vietnam, and all over Japan. We are heading to Thailand this week and hoping for maybe New Zealand next year!


Chanel Realistic: camping at some natural springs in Florida with river floating. We may get a night or two in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, but our dream is a Disney Cruise.


Here are 4 tips to help plan your next dream vacation:


  1. Affordable airfare: Start tracking prices for your dream location to look for trends. Sites like Scotts Cheap flights and Google flight tracker are helpful. Many people believe buying tickets on a Tuesday is the most lucrative!

  2. Trip discounts: USAA’s travel services have exclusive offers for USAA members including; cruise line, hotel, airfare and rental car discounts and deals.

  3. Utilize your posts’ ITT: Information, Tickets & Travel for travel packages and military discounts. We have really enjoyed the military pricing on Disneyland tickets and purchasing them on base meant we didn’t have to pay sales tax! They can also offer hotel packages and give information for military friendly hotels.

  4. Military Lodging: Is your location near a military installation? Booking lodging on base can be more reasonable than booking a traditional hotel (and some are gorgeous… Coronado Island anyone?). You can find a list of DoD lodging by state here.


Where is your dream vacation location? Share in the comments!


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