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The era of writing checks for everyday purchases is closing quickly. Apple Pay, mobile wallet and the ability to pay most of your bills online eliminates many of the traditional instances that call for writing a physical check. However, there will be situations that require teller's checks (also known as cashier's checks, certified checks, or official checks) when you need guaranteed funds.


What is an Teller's/Official Check?  USAA Bank issues teller checks. You may also hear them referred to as official checks. Like cashier's checks or certified checks, teller checks are considered guaranteed funds since the bank generally must honor and pay these types of checks. If you are being asked to provide ‘good funds’ or guaranteed funds for a transaction, you can purchase a teller check from USAA Bank


How do I request an Teller's Check?

  1. Log on to USAA.com and Click “Teller's Check Request” (located under “MY TOOLS”)

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  2. You will then be asked to verify your identity.
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  3. After Verifying your identity, you have the opportunity to review all of the details and make changes if necessary. Make sure all of the details are correct before submitting, no changes can be made after clicking “Submit”.

You can also request using the mobile app:

  1. You can also request using the mobile app:

    1. Open the USAA Mobile App.
    2. Select a Checking Account.
    3. Select the Move Money button or Select the Menu button at the top right corner and then Select Teller Check Request.

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Aside from requesting an Teller's Check, here are the most frequently asked questions in the Member Community pertaining to official/teller's checks:

  1. What if I need a large Teller's Check? The maximum you can request online is $2,500. If your request is over $2,500 please call 1-800-531-8722.

  2. How long will it take to receive a Teller's Check? All shipping times are dependent on carrier volumes and restrictions. Generally, if you select regular mail it will be approximately 7-10 business days. If you select Express or Expedited Mail the delivery time is typically 1 to 2 business days. Shipping to International, APO, DPO, FPO may take longer.

  3. What if I need to cancel the Teller's Check? You cannot stop payment on a Teller's Check. However, you may be able to claim a refund if the Teller's Check is lost, stolen, or destroyed. To claim a refund of the amount of the item, you must give FSB a declaration of loss statement on a form acceptable to FSB and the item must not have been presented for payment for 90 days from the date the Teller's Check was issued.

  4. Can I deposit a teller's check via mobile deposit? Yes. As long as the amount is within your daily deposit limit (to locate this log on USAA.com>Tools>Deposit at Home>Choose Account, and you will see your limit in blue).

Here in Member Community, we are consistently working on best ways to address some of the most commonly discussed topics. Hopefully, this clears up some of the questions you may have about obtaining an teller's check. 


Do you have additional questions about the process? Please do not hesitate to ask in the comments!





I'm having a similar issue but in my case the check was sent to my home on 3/12 for $9k and never received. I was basically told I'm out the money but USAA. I'll be filing complaints with the FDIC and OCC then moving my accounts.

New Member

How has this not been addressed yet? Going through the exact same problems as the other commenters on this page. Wish I had read these reviews before going through this. Absolute nightmare DONT USE THIS SERVICE ITS BROKEN

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USAA Service

HI @stillbrokenin2021, can you please clarify what issues you are referring to?  We would be happy to ensure your concerns are reviewed. ~JD

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Im noticing others getting help so Im posting in the hopes USAA can do something.


We're trying to buy a car in a tight market, online you can get a cashiers check expedited in two days, but via the phone (because we need an amount higher than $2,500) it will take 4+ days. We have no other way to get at our money (can only put so much on a credit card and there are ATM withdrawl limits) and USAA's recommended solution was to go to Bank of America (we're not customers) and try to get a cashiers check.... Can anyone please help? If we get the check and the car we want is gone (we're trying to go electric so even messier with inventory) I cannot cancel the cashiers check for 90 days. 

USAA please, you are holding literally all my money, we're deployed and need this car, please can someone help?

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USAA Service

Hi there, State76.   Thanks for reaching out.  Have you considered doing a wire transfer to the dealer/seller?  This is a great way to pay for your purchase without having to visit any banks at all.  If you are needing an international wire, you would need to call us to complete this.  If it is a domestic wire, you may do a wire request online up to $10,000.  What is the amount you are needing?  



Regarding Official Bank checks, you are correct, anything over $2.500 does require a phone call to us (210-531-8722). Due to your location, it would be the 2-4 business day delivery timeframe with expedited mail.  


We are sorry for the inconvenience.  We look forward to speaking with you if a wire is needed. 


The link to the PDF form to request a teller check larger than $2,500 is a 404 broken link.  I just asked USAA customer service to send me the form and they delivered the same broken non-working link to my USAA documents inbox.  Does this PDF exist? Why does nobody in USAA realize the link to the teller check request form does not work.  This is very frustrating.

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USAA Service

@MM-Florida, Thanks for reaching out. I regret your frustration. You should now be able to request an official check on usaa.com without having to fill out the "teller check" form. To do so, please use the following instructions.


Login to usaa.com.

  • Select the My Tools > Under the Payments section select Teller's Check Request > Enter phone number (One-Time Code is sent via Text), Next > Enter check details (to include memo description), Next. Review information then Submit.


  • Select the account < Select Menu < Under Money Movement > Select Teller's Check Request > Enter phone number (One-Time Code is sent via Text), Next > Enter check details (to include memo description), Next. Review information then Submit.

Note: Teller's Checks have a limit of 2 checks per digital channel in a 24 hour period. If the dollar limit exceeds the allotted amount, the mobile message "The maximum check amount which can be ordered online is $2,500.00. If you need a larger amount, please call 1-800-531-USAA (8722) and a representative will assist you." will display. If the member exceeds the number of teller checks the .com error message "The service is unavailable to you. Please contact USAA for additional assistance" will display.


Hope this helps. - Ben

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nate_ross asked in September 2020: "I've been using the offical check feature to pay rent, I was wondering if there was a way to get my receipts of these checks. Thanks."

USAA Service responded: "@nate_ross, That's a great question. Regrettably, we don't offer receipts for official checks. However, any fees paid would be listed on your monthly account statements which you can retrieve in your Online Documents on usaa.com. Hope this helps. - Ben"


It is not unusual to need a receipt, but it is unusual for USAA to not offer an oft-needed feature! Would you please ask the powers-that-be to provide Teller Check customers with a receipt that provides standard information such as:


  • Payee
  • Amount
  • Date of Check

If you send the check via USPS Priority Mail, FedEx, etc., and you have tracking data, it would be great to have access to the day/time sent and day/time received. 



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@dyspwdm, Thanks for your feedback regarding teller check receipts. I've forwarded your comments to the appropriate area for future consideration. We continually look for opportunity to improve our services and your feedback will help us do so. - Ben