How Many Members Send Flowers for Valentine’s Day?


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USAA members ordered over 39,000 flowers during Valentines last year! That is a lot of floral arrangements made between February 1 through February 14. Will you be joining those members this year?

Whether you are deployed, out on training or even with your loved one and sending flowers isn’t your preferred gift to give, here are three other ways to say, “I love you”:

  • Treats: I’ll admit to enjoying a few Valentine’s Day chocolates! Costco makes chocolate covered strawberries daily in the month of February for a reasonable price! You can order them online and have them delivered in certain area codes! Edible Arrangements is another treat delivery option- and don’t forget, all you last minute shoppers can order chocolates on Amazon and get two-day delivery!

Send Flowers

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  • Love Letters: I am thankful for technology and the ability it allows for communication; emails, skype and text messaging capabilities are wonderful, but if you can take the time consider sending a hand-written note or card to your sweetheart. This note or card can become a keepsake that somehow holds more weight than a digital note!

  • Acts of Service: You may think, how can I provide an act of service while deployed? There are lots of options to provide a “service from afar”. You can make meal time easier for your family by sending a meal service box like HelloFresh or HomeChef (this will make dinner preparation and planning less of a burden). Alternatively, you could arrange a lawn and/or cleaning service to come by your home. Think of something that will make your loved ones’ week/month a bit easier while you are away.


How will you show someone special some love this Valentine’s Day?


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