shutterstock_109984232_gingerbread man.jpgIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! There really is just something about the holiday season that puts a little extra joy in your heart. This holiday season why not add some time to the calendar to share that joy with your family and friends by hosting a fun get together? If you need a little inspiration I have gathered the perfect “spark”.

Holiday Progressive Dinner: Have a traveling party. Appetizers are served at one house, the entrée at another, and dessert at the last. Have the guests meet at the house serving the appetizer, then travel to the entrée and dessert houses.

Tree Decorating Party: Guests arrive to an empty tree only decked with twinkling lights. They can bring decorations to a certain theme or they can decorate with provided decorations. The host provides the appetizers and/or desserts.

Tree Viewing Party: Similar to a progressive dinner (above), holiday appetizers & favorite spirits are served at all the homes involved. Prizes can be awarded for the best decorated tree voted on by attendees.

Toys for Tots: Have a dinner party for charity; tell each guest to bring a new toy to be given to a local toy bank. Decorate with stuffed animals and other toys, and provide a nice meal for the charitable guests.

Cookie Exchange: Have guests all bring three or more dozen of their favorite cookies to share. Provide a neat container and allow guests to “gather” cookies to take home with them. The ida is that you come with one type of cookie and leave with multiple. It’s a great way to trade recipes too.


Homemade Crafty Christmas: Have all of the attendees bring a homemade craft item to “trade” and have them share their pattern or instructions as well. Everyone goes home with something hand made for the holidays.


Wreath Making Party: A wreath is a perfect canvas for the creative types. Purchase all of the supplies for the wreaths (either make them by hand by cutting branches from a live tree or purchase a pre-made wreath). Have guests bring ribbons, flowers, ornaments, etc. Provide light snacks and holiday music while you work.


Your guests will not be disappointed in any of these wonderful holiday themes. Have fun with whatever you choose to do, but remember the cardinal rule of inviting your guests during this busy time of the year; give them notice.


Click here for a great resource for invitation making. Don’t forget that invites need to include the basics: who, what for, what to bring, when, where, why, how much, dress, and childcare options.