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USAA and The USAA Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) are working hard to make sure all those affected by Hurricane Florence are getting what they need. I spoke with Milby Hartwell, Corporate Responsibility Director at USAA, to talk about what her team is doing to aid Hurricane relief efforts.


Briana: What is USAA’s Corporate Responsibility Team?

Milby: This team is humbled to guide USAA’s and the Foundation’s charitable investments, employee volunteer programs, and programs to promote military family resiliency and support local communities where USAA has a physical presence. You can learn more at our website.


Briana: How did the Corporate Responsibility team get involved in Catastrophe Response?

Milby: Natural disaster response is part of our Corporate Responsibility strategy. With the unprecedented natural disasters in 2017, USAA’s Corporate Responsibility team and the Foundation amplified the strategy and provided support to nonprofits for natural disaster relief efforts in areas where USAA has a local presence or there is a significant military presence. The program was such a success that it was incorporated into a coordinated response to help both USAA members and the impacted communities get back on their feet.  


Because of this approach, USAA’s and the Foundation’s catastrophe responses have moved quickly to bring assistance to military families and communities impacted by Hurricane Florence. In fact, we were able to provide funding to several nonprofits for preparations in advance of the storm’s landfall.


Briana: What organizations will The USAA Foundation, Inc. be supporting?

Milby: The USAA Foundation, Inc. will provide $1.25 million to national and local nonprofits, as well as military aid organizations, to bring critically needed supplies and support to those effected by Hurricane Florence.


Here are a few of the organizations The USAA Foundation, Inc. is supporting in the wake of Hurricane Florence:

  • $500K to American Red Cross
  • $350K to Military Aid Organizations
  • $250K to Team Rubicon
  • $50K to United Way South Hampton Roads
  • $50K to Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia
  • $50K American Red Cross of Coastal Virginia


Briana: How are USAA employees supporting the relief efforts for Hurricane Florence?

Milby: To date, USAA employees and retirees have also donated over $50k to Florence relief efforts and we are inviting members to join with us in our support.


Briana: How can members get involved?

Milby: You can donate now by using this link:

Or find opportunities to Volunteer:


There are several military bases in North Carolina. Our military affairs representatives and the USAA Catastrophe team are on the ground assisting local military and communities. Local bases include Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, Pope Army Airfield and US Army Installation Fort Bragg. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and recovering from the storm.


About Milby: Milby is responsible for two key philanthropic focus areas in local communities; helping families in need due to hunger and homelessness, and support for safety and natural disaster response. Milby received a BBA in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin and is a CPA. She completed her MBA at St. Mary's University in San Antonio and graduated with honors.



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I find this rather amusing. I have been trying to get a measly $50.00 released from hold while sitting here waiting on Hurricane Michael to hit right on me. Yet I was told by customer service that USAA had no emergency exceptions on due to the fact the storm hasn't hit yet. So I guess, AFTER I get hit then they will release my funds so I can get the heck out of town. This same thing happened when hurricane hit and USAA held $500 that my Dad had sent me to repair my roof. But of course all I get is the is the memorized statment of HOLDS on deposits. This is the preverbial STRAW. I am through with USAA. R. Michael// Old Hippy