One of the most active topics in the Member Community has been the My Budget tool. I would truly like to thank everyone who has posted feedback these past few months. It is because of your diligence about sharing your concerns that we are now able to present this featured interview with Richard Rohrbough, Director, Product Management. The below interview also includes an instructional video and an invitation to a LIVE chat with Richard to ask your questions (check the bottom of the post for date and time)! Keep your comments and feedback coming; they really are making a difference!


Briana: Let’s go back to the beginning. Tell us why My Budget was developed?


Richard: My Budget was developed in response to member feedback to provide a better day-to-day budgeting tool with many new capabilities that the now-retired Spending Plan didn’t have. We added in a requirement for the member to enter their income to help more accurately show what money a member has coming in, in addition to what is going out through transactions. We also added in 11 pre-determined top-level spending categories and complementary advice on how to improve your financial footing. Our thought in this is to help our members with a “starter budget” to then build on.
Briana: What types of technical issues have you worked to fix since the launch?


When we launched My Budget in June 2014, we did run into issues that we had not anticipated. We have addressed many of the technical issues such as not allowing members to save without balancing the budget, credit card payments showing twice, and eliminating duplication of subcategories. We are aware that we have some lingering technical issues and we are working to address those as quickly as we’re able.
Briana: Many of our members have also expressed disappointment in the new design and functionality of My Budget. How are we working to improve the experience of using My Budget?


Our team is looking at all of the feedback and is either in the process or has plans to address many of the suggestions. In the design of My Budget, we realize we also changed how our members use the Money Management tools. We have three short videos that can take you through how to add your non-USAA accounts, track your money and create a budget. Additionally, we created a short video to help with some of the common questions we’ve heard our members ask:




Briana: Tell us more about the LIVE chat you are having on My Budget?


We appreciate all of the feedback we have received from our members regarding the My Budget tool and appreciate hearing how we can help create better experiences and tools for you. For questions we haven’t had the chance to answer, we’d like to invite our members to participate in a live USAA Member Community chat on April 9th at 3pm eastern/2pm central. I’ll be hosting with you and Wendy Poling to help address member questions.
Briana: Thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions and for making the video.


We appreciate our members and we thank them for their loyalty. I hope to talk to as many of you as possible on April 9th.



LIVE Chat Details:


My Budget LIVE Chat with Richard Rohrbough
Date: April 9th, 2015
Time: 3:00 – 3:30 pm eastern / 2:00  – 2:30 pm central




216912 - 0315

Wendy Poling USAA

Hi Sara1! I have sent your question over to Richard, our expert on My Budget. Once I have an update, I will post it here. Thanks for your question!

Geoffrey Michael
Frequent Visitor


If one spent 200% of their Auto Budget Category for the month and/or 75% of their total budget in the first 10 days of the in the world could "My Budget" show as "on track"? perhaps this is something the software people should consider revisiting and revising at some point in time.


Is there a way to delete your current budget in My Budget and start over? I have several things I'd like to fix and would rather just delete and try again.


Briana Hartzell USAA

AmberAmber, I do not believe there is an easy way to start over but I have sent your question to our expert Richard.


Geoffrey, We will need a bit more details about what is making this happen for you, I have passed your comment onto Richard (our expert) and I will update when I hear back form him.


Thank you both for posting.

Briana Hartzell USAA

Hi AmberAmber,


Unfortunatley there is not away for you to delete your budget, but our expert RIchard suggests:


A relatively easy way to get back to a starting point is for AmeberAmber to edit her budget and enter new values into the eleven provided top-level categories. That will wipe out any target amounts for any lower level categories created previously.  So the steps would be as follows:

  1. Log on to or one of the mobile apps.
  2. Navigate to My Budget.
  3. Select Edit Budget.
  4. Enter new values into the eleven provided top-level categories (e.g. Housing, Food, Auto).
  5. Save new budget.

I hope this helps!! Thank you!

Briana Hartzell USAA

Hi Geoffrey,

Here is what our expert had to say abot your situation:


If a single budget category is over budget but the overall budget is not over the 75% threshold, then the overall budget status will be “On Track” while the individual category will show as “Over Spent”.  The reason the overall budget still shows as “On Track” is because the member still has a chance to cut back on another category to ensure they don’t overspend the overall budget.


As long a one’s overall budget is not more than 75% the budget status will be “On Track” even if that is on the first day of the month. We decided to handle it that way because we know that members don’t spend evenly throughout the month. Many members will make their mortgage or rent payment on the 1st of the month, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to continue to spend that amount every day of the month.  Besides, mortgage and rent payments are planned expenses and should be included in one’s budget, so spending on those large items at the beginning of the month should not be cause for alarm.


I hope this helps!


Thank you!

Geoffrey Michael
Frequent Visitor

Thank you for the update.

That seems to be a basic and perhaps arbitrary way to determine a function, with some fine tune adjustments, I think this could be more helpful to others.

Maybe in the future sometime, it might be worth looking into the possibility of keeping the 75% threshold as the default, but adding a function that allows users to adjust that threshold to their own liking and preference to better meet their need?

Or even adding a funtion that allows you to remove some categories such as "rent" from the daily budget in order to give one a more accurate daily reading?


I like that USAA is actively working on improving programs such as this. That is encouraging and I think there is great potential for programs like this because of that.


Thanks for taking the time to respond so quickly.

Frequent Visitor

I just wanted to follow up on my question to see if an answer was found. Thanks!


I have linked my non-USAA accounts and clicked for them to be tracked. However, the transcations are not showing up under the budget tab. Only the transcations for my USAA accounts. Did I miss a step?

Thanks, Sara

Frequent Visitor

Hi, I'm not sure if this chat is till open, but I am wondering if there is a way to change the category on pending transactions? I feel that I can't even get a handle on my budget because I'm unable to change the category of transactions before they post and sometimes they take a really long time. I think the drop down to adjust category should be available on pending transactions. Thanks.

Briana Hartzell USAA

SARA1, I am so sorry I missed your question from above! I will update when I hear back from our expert!


Rosemsmom, I have passed your question along as well and will post as soon as I have an answer!



Thank you both for your participation!!