Tara Crooks
Limitless Contributor

In a world full of technology there are many stories to be told. You can find those stories virtually anywhere - in media, on blogs, in a book, or even in a video game. A good story can take you away to another place and time - curling up with a good book, popping some popcorn and snuggling up with a classic movie, or a family game night around the Wii. Who doesn't like to be entertained? We live in a place and time that constant stimulation has become the norm.


These days our entertainment can come in many forms. You can get a book in hardback, paperback, on Kindle or Nook, or even through an app on your mobile device. You can get a game via the internet or purchase one at a store on disc. You can pick up a magazine or flip through their online version. You open up your iTunes account and there you go - media galore. You get my drift. It's everywhere. Sometimes you might score a download for free or a free night from Redbox; but most of the time it's to the tune of anywhere between a $.99 to $16.00 a month fee. If you or your family are media junkies that can get expensive - and quick!


Here are a few examples: If your family has a bookworm, a $9.99 book a week for an entire year is $519.48. A subscription to Netflix at $16.00 a month is $192.00 a year. Five music downloads at $1.29 each per week, $335.40 per year.


I'm here to tell you about a resource we all know and love, but rarely remember is there. It's a treasure trove of books, children's books, magazines, e-books, movies, cookbooks, guidebooks, self-help manuals, video games, arts & crafts, and even free internet/wifi and computer access! Not to mention, wonderful children's programs and adult learning opportunities like free skills training classes and community activities. All of these things and more await you at your local installation's library. All you need to access it is your military ID. No money, no rental contract, nothing.


So what are you waiting for?


To find out how much utilizing your library could save your family check out this handy library savings calculator.




How much did/would your family save using the calculator?

What part of the library do you think you do/would use the most?