Tara Crooks
Limitless Contributor

In the Crooks house we have a long-standing joke (that's not really a joke) about how every time Kevin deploys Tara buys a new couch. When Kevin leaves, bags packed and all, he turns and looks back at the couch and says, "It's been nice knowing you."


Look, I have a couch problem. I admit it. I'm a couch addict. The truth is I have never really ever met the perfect couch - or the perfect pair of jeans but that's for another blog. One time I thought I had met the perfect one - no pillows on the back, three cushions, good seat depth, perfect size for any living area we were given in quarters - and our cat destroyed it. Yes, having animals and wanting nice furniture probably is some sort of an oxymoron. Add this reasoning to the long list that Kevin has for why Tara does not need a new couch.


That's why deployment seems to be the perfect time to get a new couch. There is a little extra money in the bank, he isn't here to tell me "no", and I can splurge for delivery - another bonus, the men who come to deliver the new one and carry away the old one don't complain that it's heavy to move and that I don't need the new one.


Of course this is all said in jest. I really have bought three new couches, and every time when Kevin was deployed. But at the same time we did always talk about - maybe not 100% agree - the large purchase. I don't want any of you thinking we need marriage counseling over a living room furnishing.


This story really was just a teaser for us to talk about how you financially feel about your furniture. That probably seems like a seriously strange question but it's a conversation that Kevin and I have often. It's also a conversation I find myself having with many of my military spouse friends. We all want our homes to look nice. Our homes, after all, in the military are mainly not the structure but the contents. The problem is we move frequently. I don't have to tell you that the movers can do some serious damage to some of your most prized possessions. It is a hard pill to swallow to spend thousands of dollars on furnishings and then have the movers dent and bang them up sometimes beyond repair.


My husband's argument is just that, why buy something nice when you'll just be replacing it in a few years anyway? While I understand and even agree with his argument, I also don't want to look like I live in a house full of furniture made from pressed wood and cinder blocks - which by the way would be perfectly fine with him.


In order to not do the latter, I have gotten creative and turned some garage sale or flea market finds into nice refurbished "shabby chic" decor items for our home. I've also hunted down several pieces at estate sales or yard sales. I've made use of local upholstery businesses to recover chairs and make them "like new" for our latest decor. And I cannot tell you how many of my neighbors and I have "traded" furniture on occasion. Just visualizing my home furnishings right now I can see a table from neighbors in Texas, patio furniture set from Missouri, and a futon from Georgia.


Kevin recently deployed and just because I have to prove to him that not every time he deploys I will purchase a new couch I am sticking to my guns and living with the leather one I purchased when we landed here at Fort Sill. I do think that he is going to love my new Pottery Barn shelving system though. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.




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