Fathers Favorite Things


It comes around once a year – Father’s Day – a day to celebrate Dad and make him feel special. Here at the Crooks house we have two girls. Father’s Day, much to my husband’s dismay, consists of a reenactment of Oprah’s Favorite Things – for Daddy!  I’m about 100% sure that he’d rather we just give him a day off and go away so he can be by himself but to these two girls this is a day to celebrate their Daddy. In their eyes, it’s a Hero’s celebration.


We start by making him his favorite breakfast. He gets up early, so this day we all get up early too. My youngest always insists on spending hours making him cards and that means glitter, glue, and markers galore. I know he has a special place in his heart for glitter.


Daddy likes to brew beer, run/hike, watch soccer, fine cigars, shoot his bow, tinker in the garage, and ride his motorcycle so all of those things need to somehow be woven into the day.


We typically end up figuring out something – his gift - that is related to his “favorite things” but I’ll be honest and say that his gifts are usually acts of service or food related. We do his chores – trash, yard work, etc. We make him his favorite meals all day long – maybe a special dessert. We play games, and go hiking and riding.


Every year it is a challenge to decide what we’ll do. He always wanted to camp as a family so I have considered renting a cabin or a travel trailer to make that dream come true. To be honest though, I am seriously considering leaving him home and booking all of us a hotel and giving him his alone time – that might be easier. Hey…I might be on to something.


This year I decided to round up some easy, fun, and inexpensive ideas we can add to our Father’s Day celebration repertoire. Do you have any to add?


• Apple iTunes® or Amazon® gift card

• A CD of his favorite tunes (maybe some new ones thrown in)

• A photo book or online photo album • Write Dad a song

• Create a book of quotes or story about your Dad

• A mini-office (all of his favorite office supplies in a carry tote)

• Clean Dad’s car or wash his motorcycle

• Make him certificates for things he loves – food, beverages, chores that you’ll do, etc.


What do you have planned this Father’s Day?  Share with us.

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Briana Hartzell USAA

I love these ideas! I bought a small frame for Bobby's desk at work with a picture of he and Reagan in it!