Deter Fraudsters with Multi-Factor Authentication

USAA Community Cyber Security Video.jpgWhat do you think is more secure- a complicated password or a 4-digit pin?


Watch as Mike Slaugh from USAA Financial Crimes Prevention shares how multi-factor authentication can provide an extra layer of security to your accounts. 



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It is 2021. Are there any updates on USAA starting to support modern 2FA methods? I can secure my Amazon account better than I can secure my USAA account. The current 2FA options would have been inadequate a couple of years ago. They're negligently outdated today. Yubikey support or get outta here. 

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+1 for YubiKey support.


How many users will need to come here and request it before support for hardware keys is added? Please and thank you.

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Just chiming in to voice support for U2F/FIDO 2FA support. USAA is currently the only financial institute I do business with that doesn't support U2F, and will likely leave in the near future for a more secure banking solution unless it's added.