Tara Crooks
Limitless Contributor

Thanksgiving is traditionally the time of year that people take time out to stop and count their blessings. Today I want to count them in dollars and cents.


When it comes to military life, blessings are abundant though sometimes easily unrecognized. Military and money are somewhat of an oxy-moron - we don't think of ourselves as extremely blessed in that department. The truth is, though, we are.


Providing for your family is the American dream. We're living in a time where you turn on the news and every other word is recession, unemployment, high gas prices, inflation, or foreclosure. It is something to be thankful for that our service to our country provides nicely for our family and is - for the most part - guaranteed.


When asked "regarding money and finances what are you the most thankful for," military spouse Star Cassias-Dye responded "I am thankful that we have healthcare that never ends! Most people declare bankruptcy because of medical issues that they can't afford. As a special needs family, I don't know how we would do it otherwise!"

She's got a great point - healthcare is priceless. Military families are blessed to have healthcare provided to them through TriCare and low cost dental insurance available through United Concordia - a blessing not every civilian has available.


Perhaps the greatest blessing for military families cannot be counted in dollars and cents. After all, money can't buy happiness and it definitely is not substitution for pride. When it comes to both of those our military family's piggy banks are bursting at the seams. For that, we are very thankful.