Community Badge Features Are Getting an Update


System Notice: Starting October 26th, we will be implementing new features for our rewards Badge program. While the system is being updated, current badges will not be visible. Learn more about the change below.  




The USAA Community has grown from just a few hundred members to well over 500,000 and we are always working to make improvements.


Currently members can earn profile Badges based on taking different actions, those actions include contributing to Community and giving and receiving likes. On October 26th, we will be implementing new features for our rewards Badge program.


I had the chance to chat with Everett James, one of our Community technical experts and ask him a few questions on this change.


Hi Everett. First, can you explain what Badges are?

Badges are a visual reward for completing an action. By participating in Community, giving a like, answering or posting a question – you can receive a badge that is displayed in your Community profile area. Badges can also be associated to specific roles or affiliations, displaying a branch of service for example.


When will the changes around the new Badge features take place?

Starting this Friday, 26 Oct we will be updating the software that powers our Badge trophy case.


What will members notice during this timeframe?

Community members will temporarily lose access to view their badges in their profile. Badges for posting, likes given and likes received will be restored after a few weeks.


Will members get to keep all the Badges in their virtual trophy case?

Unfortunately, no; however, the only badges that will not be restored are the ones related to sharing content and that were awarded for certain events.  Members can look forward to additional rewards for different actions and special events in the near future. 


When the new Badge system is in place, will a member have to do anything?

Not at all.  When badges are restored, they will show up when you click or tap your community profile name, without having to go to your profile page. 


Are there any new features coming with the new Badging system?

Yes! In the future, members can look forward to earning even more badges for different actions. The Community team is developing additional badges and we look forward to launching those later in Q4 and into 2019. 


Will members still get credit for actions taken in Community while this upgrade is happening?

Yes, during the time when badges are not visible, Community members’ actions will continue to count towards earning badges. So ‘like’ away and look forward to earning more badges in the future!


What other improvements or badges would you like to see in Community? Let us know!


USAA Community Everett James.jpgAbout Everett James: Everett has worked in IT at USAA for 5 years. His role includes working with the Community team to develop the best possible experience for our members and was part of the team that launched the redesign in late 2017. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and softball and anything that involves staying active. 





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