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USAA Community Small Business Loans Coming Soon.jpgOne of my favorite parts about the USAA Community is reading posts from members with their ideas for enhancements to make USAA even better and the ones that challenge the way USAA does business. Many of you (@KDos, @Steve4Change and @Adambnice to name a few ) have been inquiring about when USAA will start supporting business loans. I am excited to talk with Lilliana Santos, part of the USAA Labs Bank Innovation team, about a new collaboration with StreetShares™.


USAA, in collaboration with StreetShares™, plans to launch a pilot to provide easy access to funding for member-owned small businesses at reduced origination fees beginning later this year.


Why StreetShares™?

Lilliana: StreetShares™ is a veteran-founded, run and financed company that offers a suite of specialty finance products, including business loans and lines of credit. These loans are accessible to small businesses with a minimum of one year in operation and $25,000 in annual revenue.


When can we look forward to utilizing?

Lilliana: The USAA-StreetShares™ collaboration is expected to be available to members in the second half of 2018, with sign-up for alerts available here today.


Why now?

Lilliana: The Small Business Administration reported in 2017 that veteran-owned businesses employ over 5 million people and represent over 9.1 percent of all businesses in the United States.* We at USAA know that includes you and we are pleased to be able to, along with our small business insurance, enhance our support of member-owned businesses through this partnership with StreetShares™.


How can I sign up?

Lilliana: Leave a comment on this post to receive a notification once the USAA-StreetShares™ collaboration is live.


We will keep you all updated here in community when the partnership officially launches! Do you have a small business? How did you get started?



To learn more about USAA Labs visit:


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*SBA report “Veteran-Owned Businesses and Their Owners


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Occasional Visitor

Yes!  I love USAA and have heard great things about StreetShares.  As a vet small business owner, I am always looking for companies that I trust.  This seems like a great deal for vet small business owners!


As an aside, USAA...please open small business checking/credit cards!  

Thanks for all you do!


New Member

This is great news for Veteran businesses. I am surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. Streetshares is by far the leader in the veteran business lending space. Streetshares as an organization has led so many veteran small business initiatives that again I really couldn’t see a better partner for this approach as they are constantly offering training, opportunities, and other programs for veteran small business to learn and grow. I had always been surprised that USAA didn’t provide small business loans for members but with this approach this is a clear win for both organizations and the veteran business community as whole. Kudos to the forward thinking on this program. 

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Wow! This is great news. What a logical partnership with StreetShares and an amazing opportunity for veterans to better connect with funding opportunities for their small business dreams. USAA member veterans all over the country are looking for capital to start their next career after the military. As an investor in StreetShares I see this as a huge win for USAA member vets. The StreetShares platform is so easy and inviting for new businesses to find investors. Can't wait to see this rolled out. Nice job again USAA. Always getting better!

New Member

It’s about time. Our community needs this and now the power of its influence can be recognized through common sense partnerships. As someone who works in the veteran space, I am really intrigued by this.. good for USAA. Been a member since 2011. 

New Member

Two great military companies working together. Great idea. Go Army."


Thank you all for commenting!!

New Member

What a perfect partnership!  A brilliant plan that will be a win for USAA, a win for StreetShares, and more importantly, a win for thousands of veterans for years to come. These are two fantastic organizations wholly committed to the veteran community.  Really excited about the potential of this partnership!


Thanks @Joker16!


I wanted to take a moment to update this post with the announcement of the launch of USAA’s new business financing with StreetShares Inc. You can find out more about the collaboration here, or sign up here. Thank you all for your comments and participation, it has been instrumental in leading to this pilot.


Thank you all, the pilot has now ended.