Oh, how I love to shop. Like, seriously love to shop. Nothing is as frustrating as to find exactly what I had my eye on – my firecracker – and to have it be a dud at checkout. I vowed several years ago to never have that happen. To not purchase anything that I didn’t absolutely need immediately without first finding a discount or waiting for it to go on sale. I didn’t want any more duds, only more bang for my buck. 


I am so thankful for the internet and online shopping.  Some would say that impulse buying is easier via the internet vs. the traditional brick and mortar but for me it allows me freedom. Freedom to browse, add to my cart, and then research for the best deal.


I have my favorite stores that I shop and I make sure to sign up for their email/mailing lists as they send coupons and specials to my email as well as my home. I also follow them on social media so I don’t miss any special discount they offer their loyal shoppers.


If there is a store that I frequent often, such as Target®, I make sure to become a rewards member. At Target my pharmacy rewards earns me a 5% off shopping spree for a day. Couple that with my Red Card debit discount of 5% and we’ve got a deal!


I also frequent Retail Me Not®, Fat Wallet®, and even coupon search engine Chippmunk® where I find coupon codes for just about anything under the sun.


I signed up several years back with Ebates®, a website where you can earn cash-back by clicking through their shopping links. Sometimes they also feature coupons that can be used towards your purchase. There are several other sites like this but Ebates® is my favorite.


Of course, don’t forget to look into sites like Overstock®, Groupon®, DealCatcher®, Groopdealz® for items that you may be looking for at a deep discount. 


Many times online you can stack your coupon codes together. For example, I once bought a pair of pajama pants at Kohls® using Ebates, my Kohls® cash, a coupon code, and free shipping. They cost me .02. Ok, so that is extreme and may never happen again, but I have earned considerable discounts by sites allowing you to partake in more than one deal at a time.


If you’re a military family don’t forget to ask about a military discount. I know it sounds odd, but we just purchased a furnishing online and called the store to ask about a military discount. The lady on the phone input my order with 10% off, saving us over $70.00.


Doing all of these things typically yields me a great deal on my purchases. One last word of advice, you shouldn’t ever have to pay for discounts. There are plenty of promotional code aggregator sites that don’t require you to sign up or pay to access coupon codes. Remember, coupons were created by the retailers to entice you to their store and to save you money. They shouldn’t cost anything to use.


What is the best deal you’ve ever gotten online?
What are your favorite coupon/deal sites?