Balance Summer Fun with Back to School Preparations

Balance Summer Fun and Back to School USAA Community.jpeg



Keep enjoying your summer, but don’t forget to start planning and prepping for back to school. We got resources for you! 


Back to school for many military families not only means tackling earlier bedtimes, making healthy, yummy lunches, and shopping smart for supplies, but also adjusting to a new school after a PCS/move. The cherry on top? Possibly doing all this with one parent on the homefront and one away on deployment. 


No matter what school in 2021-22 school year looks like, these resources to help ease the transition from summer fun to back to school: 


How to Budget Money: 7 Back to School Money Savings Tips: Is it back to school time, already? As the summer nears the end, parents receive the lists of supplies for the new school year and parents begin the task of getting everything prepared. Preparing can mean unexpected expenses; here is a list to help keep the back to school spending under control and within your budget. 


Back to School in a New Town: Transitioning from summer's long days and endless playing is hard enough — add in a new town and a new school, and it can be nerve wracking! Here are some tips to help your children make a smooth transition. 

7 Tips for Creating Back-to-School Lunches: Putting together a healthy lunch for kids can be a daunting task. However, with a little bit of planning and a few basic steps, parents can create nutritious lunches their kids will enjoy. Here are 7 things to remember while packing those lunches. 


7 Ways to Share the Back to School Experience with Deployed Moms and Dads: Here are some easy ideas to help when you're preparing for the school year, while still keeping your deployed love one connected and involved in the process.


Back to School Advice: PCS Edition: Is a recent PCS complicating your back to school plans? Military spouses share their advice to help make back to school in a new place a seamless transition for the whole family. 


Stress Free Back to School Routine Ideas Navy spouses share how they helped their family get into a back to school groove and here is their advice. 



How do you balance summer fun while also getting in gear for back to school? Will your family be returning to the classic school model, will you continue with online/virtual learning or a mixture of both?


Share your top piece advice with us! Please share in the comments!