Mother’s Day is a day to take time to honor our mothers, celebrate maternal bonds, and recognize the influence that mothers have on our society. In 2014, the Nation will pause on Sunday May 11th to honor this holiday – you’re welcome that was your reminder! (wink, wink)


When you think of a mom, what comes to mind?  A caring and nurturing soul who cuddles their young in their arms? Ok, maybe. But, here’s a bit of my perspective of my "mom duties":


Childcare Provider – We have two children and Daddy is a soldier. I am the default "family care plan".


Secretary/Receptionist/Personal Assistant – This family runs on a schedule and I am the professional that keeps it. Oh, and we must remember holidays and birthdays.


Housecleaner/Maid/Professional Organizer – I cannot tell you how many closets I’ve organized and how many thousands of things I’ve "picked up".


Personal Shopper – Back to school clothes, weekly groceries, "Mom I need ___(fill in the blank)__" trips, and more!


Chef/Menu Planner – Seriously, you should see me whip up some meals around this place.


Taxi Driver – Back and forth to school and errands every day without fail.


Dry Cleaner (or Laundromat owner) – Now that my girls are older, I own the Laundromat and just make them do their own but when they were smaller, oh boy did I do laundry! 


Accountant/ Family Financial Advisor – I’m the one who "pays the bills" and the allowances, and figures out where we need to have our money and how to get it there. 


Psychologist – I have two girls, enough said.


Computer Analyst (and sometimes repair man) – "Mom! My computer gave me the blue screen of death!"


Tutor – My least favorite job (and why I love teachers so much!) is homework. I went to college, I swear it.


Event Planner – I can pull off a casual dinner with friends or a coffee group event complete with activities. This, next to professional snuggler – which I do not think exists – is my favorite part of the job.


Veterinarian –My dogs are my second set of children. Sometimes, I will admit to liking them the best.


Volunteer – If I just got paid for these hours alone we’d be rich – from school to Army functions I give my time quite freely.


Mediator – "But she pushed me first." Ya, you get it.


Law Enforcement officer – I may not make the "laws" (that’s in the Daddy duties) but I have to be an enforcer.


Hairstylist – I’ve braided many braids and can do a ponytail in T-9 seconds.


Makeup Artist – Though it sounds easy, teaching a pre-teen how to do makeup without looking like she painted her face is quite a challenge.


Interior Decorator – I’ve outfitted many military houses and made them a "home". This, my friends, is a very large challenge.


Doctor/Nurse - Band-aids, ointment, ice packs, and mommy kisses.


Oh, and let’s not forget …Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, you know, those "other duties as assigned".


Moms are priceless. We know this. But if we were to put a price tag on one that performed duties such as the ones I listed above, in my local area, in 2013 she’d be worth about $125,000 a year. I better get to asking for a raise.


Admit it, it’s interesting. Check out how much YOUR mom (or you) are worth by visiting’s What’s A Mom’s Work Worth calculator. You can choose working or stay at home mom, number of children and then go with an average or break it down and personalize the tasks. When you’re done, print out a check.


Happy Mother’s Day!