Tara Crooks
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I am married to a man who could care less about football, baseball, or basketball. He has no allegiance to any certain team. He doesn't like auto racing, boxing, or wrestling. He does love soccer — but thankfully only if it's a "big" game or World Cup match. So, he has nothing much to say when he goes to work and all the guys are throwing around names of sports teams and players. As a matter of fact, we do a quick sweep of the sports news – cat is out of the bag now – to make sure we can get the highlights and at least know what the conversations are about come Monday morning at the water cooler.


A few years back, while talking with my girlfriends about their husbands, it suddenly donned on me that mine did not have a hobby. Well, unless you could consider work a hobby. Seriously though, that is all he did. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled he doesn't spend all weekend parked in front of the television. In fact, the only thing I saw him do to unwind was run, but since part of his work includes PT you couldn't really even classify physical fitness as a hobby. The mere definition of a hobby is a pastime undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one's leisure time, not work time. He needed an outlet. When asked about this he would always retort, "I work and spend time with my family." Awwww how sweet is that? His hobby is his family.


Ok I could buy that, except that I am a woman of many hobbies. I even turned one of my hobbies – blogging and networking – into a business. I just really, really, wanted him to have something he enjoyed as much as I enjoyed my favorite things, like shopping for antiques, reading through home decorator magazines (aka the Stone Age Pinterest) and dreaming of our "forever home", cooking, or crafting.


Fast forward about three years. I probably shouldn't have said anything because he took me up on that suggestion and found himself a hobby. Just the other day I stared into the basement in awe of the amount of equipment and gadgets (money) we have poured – pun intended – into his hobby. Now, internationally – ok, locally – famous for his micro brewing, the Brewmaster has found his new love.


I can't complain. He drinks what he makes and because we love to entertain we do save quite a bit on "party supplies" because they're homebrewed. It's genuinely something he loves to do. I like to watch as he shares his creations with others and listen as he explains the processes and answers all their questions.


Have you considered taking up a new hobby? One of the most important considerations of having a hobby is affordability. I know when we started down the homebrew route Kevin purchased a simple $100.00 kit to experiment. That was a great idea because you really should learn the hobby before you invest too much into the gear associated with it.


Every time he visits his favorite brewing supply website or peruses their catalogs I remind him, "Buy only the supplies you need. Don't be distracted by shiny objects." Of course he laughs at me because he's the "thrifty" one in the family and I'm pretty sure he could point out thousands of hobby/craft supplies I've purchased and only touched once.


One thing that my girls and I love to do is paint pottery. Instead of taking out a loan to purchase a kiln and all the supplies we just pay a sitting fee and do our hobby at the local pottery studio. It's like a co-op but you don't have to use the space nor the money on all of the crazy supplies and pay as you go. Plus, it's nice to be in a room full of other fun creative people.


I'm sure if you asked him now my husband would agree that he is happy that I bugged him about finding a hobby because he has found his passion. You can get an instant smile out of him when he sees the calendar say "brew day" — it's like a free day of window shopping at the mall for me.


It's the New Year, and January is National Hobby Month, so why not discover your hobby or find your passion? Let the world's biggest list of hobbies get you started. Happy leisure time!




Do you have a hobby? If so, what?

How much is too much to spend on a hobby?

Do you have any tips on starting a hobby frugally?