What do 6 cans of green beans, 12 boxes of Mac n' Cheese and 24 rolls of toilet paper have in common? It's CASE LOT sale at your local commissary!


Yes, that's right it's time for the semi-annual case lot sales at a commissary near you. We've dug deep into exploring the commissary and now it's time you learn more about this amazing savings opportunity.


A case lot sale is where the commissary sets out select items and discounts them. The catch - you have to buy the case. A case generally runs 6 to 24 of an item. Often the commissary will attach coupons to the case so that you can discount the price even more. Items typically are discounted 10- 50% off. Savings can sometimes be deceptive though, so you have to do your research. Look at the prices, make the calculation per item and compare to the prices that the commissary has normally.


You can use coupons as part of the case lot sale. You can use one per item purchased - same as the regular shopping trip. So if there are 12 items in a case you can use 12 coupons. Remember though you cannot use your coupons on top of a coupon already offered on a case by the commissary. So, be sure to ask if you have any questions. If the item (such as toilet paper) is not typically individually packaged then the case counts as one item therefore you can only use one coupon.


An example of some of the items you will find at case lot sales are:

  • Trail mix, nuts, and fruit bars
  • Cereal
  • Pastas, rice, soups, and sauces
  • Canned vegetables
  • Dog and cat food, kitty litter, and treats
  • Paper goods, diapers, razors and shave gel, soap products and shampoo
  • Special frozen foods: waffles, sausage links, chicken, fruit pies, family-size entrees and pizza


Each Commissary will have a list of some of the items on sale a few days to a few weeks before the sale. Ask around or email your store director to see if you can get a copy. But remember this list is subject to change and doesn't include everything. Beverages (soda, water, Gatorade, etc.) are often not listed and can be great deals. Vendors also have the option of adding things as they choose during the sale.


Without a doubt, DeCA's worldwide case lot sales have become "must-attend" events. Although most commissaries participate in case lot sales during the months of May and September, store sales dates can vary so customers are asked to check the schedule for your local store's sale dates by going to the special case lot sale web page.


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Great article on case-lot sales. I remember taking advantage of those great deals. I once got a case of boxed waffles for 16 cents a package with all the coupons. We had waffles at all times of the day and it really helped out the grocery budget. One warning though, please assess whether or not you will or should consume the case-lots you pick. A great deal on goods you will not or should not use is not a good deal. If you already have expiring canned goods in your pantry, adding to problem is not advised not matter how good the deal is. Treats are a treat because they are rare and rich, when treats are purchased in bulk they cease to be a treat.