The perfect winter day? A weekend. Yes, a weekend. Or, a snow day? That would work too. A day where the morning “plan” isn’t much more than staying in your jammies and pulling the covers back over your head. When you wake, a warm beverage by the fire, a family day full of laughter, good food, and fun activities (like sledding, watching movies, or playing games). Ahhhh, yes. I can see it, believe it, almost feel it…come on Jack Frost!


As winter approaches (or in some cases re-visits) your area I do hope that you get one of these days of blissful freedom from anything but your choice of relaxation. In the meantime, instead of relying on the thermostat here are some fun everyday ways to warm up this winter: 


  1. Snuggle Up – grab your honey, your child, or your dog (my personal favorite) as two “people” are warmer together than one.
  2. Light a Fire or Candles – A conduit to snuggling! Who doesn’t love a fire or the glimmer of a good-smelling candle? Just like when I trick my husband into thinking the house is clean (lemon) or that I just baked (blueberry muffin); candles may give your brain the “feeling” of warmth. Be sure you are safe and obey your fire hazard warnings.
  3. Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, or your favorite Soup – A pot of your favorite hot beverage/food. Warmth from the inside, out.
  4. Flannel Sheets, Down Comforters, or Blankets – another personal favorite of mine is my down comforter. Maybe it makes me feel like I’m staying a hotel, but that thing can flat warm you up …and quick!
  5. Hats and Socks - It sounds silly but wearing a hat (and socks) to bed at night will keep you warm. Don’t be boring; make a fashion statement worth giggling about. Hey, laughter can warm you up, too!
    I do hope that your winter never leaves you with these as your only source of warmth, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks by turning down the thermostat this winter these sure will help warm you up!

Describe your perfect winter day.

What ways to do you like to warm up on a cold day?



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