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Photo by Cat from The Incredible Dash


A Texas native and now a resident in southern California, I am well versed in family road trips. In Texas, it takes 4 hours to get anywhere and here in southern California- there are so many beautiful national treasures to see the desire to hop in the car and explore is strong! With quarantine freeing up a little more of my time to dream about future travels (let’s be honest being told not to go anywhere makes you dream about all the places you would like to go!). As we all yearn for a safer season, join my daydreaming of packing up the family into an RV and traveling.  


Until we can travel again, let’s live vicariously through past travels of fellow military families. These military spouse bloggers were kind enough to share details about their recreational vehicles and their favorite trips. 


Cat from The Incredible Dash

USAA Community RV Cat Highley 2.jpgWhat kind of RV do you have? 1999 Rexhall Aerbus, Class A - 35’, 2 slides.


What has been your best trip (and why)? Of our 4 years of travel fulltime, Alaska was my favorite! We took a month to travel up, 5 months exploring Alaska, and a month traveling back through Canada! Our youngest kiddo was just 4 weeks old when we left on this stretch!





Alana from Adventures of a Natural Family


USAA Community RV Alana Wilson 2.jpgWhat kind of RV do you have?

We have been living Full Time in our RV for 2 years. My husband is active duty and we are stationed at Ellsworth AFB. So we only get 30 days a year of leave to travel with.


What has been your best trip (and why)? We have done some amazing trips. Salt Lake City and Park City Utah, all of Colorado, Yellowstone and around South Dakota. Our favorite part about traveling is that we bring our whole home (makes packing easy) and then when we stop at night, we’ve got nothing to unpack. I get to sleep in my bed every night!





Bridget from Antics of a Nutty Hiker & Military Spouse

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What kind of RV do you have? 34’ 2017 PrimeTime Avenger 2700 28RKS Travel Trailer


What has been your best trip (and why)? Our 2017 Road Trip to South Dakota has been the best trip yet with our RV. We stayed in the Black Hills for 2 weeks at an RV park right outside of Keystone. That entire area is absolutely beautiful and even in the summertime the weather is great! The best part about having an RV on long road trips (we actually went to West Virginia first from Texas then to South Dakota, then back home to Texas) is that you no longer have to pay for hotels! Just pull over in a rest stop and head to the RV for a good night’s sleep. Kids need to pee and bathrooms are nowhere to be found? Just pull over and let them (or you) head to the bathroom in the RV!


Traci from The Mators

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What kind of RV do you have? Until recently, we had an ‘85 Winnebago Chieftain. We drove it (and fixed it) all over the US. Right now we’re in the process of switching over to a 15 passenger van (Ford V10) with a small travel trailer (aka The Schoolhouse).


What has been your best trip (and why)? 1 year driving an ugly loop-ish around the US. Our favorite find? Badlands National Park because we discovered boondocking in Wall, SD. It rocked our world. Also, Goblin State Park in Utah and New Braunfels TX (because who knew German Texas could be so... glorious?!). Finally, TN will always be a fan favorite because they mistook us for the real a Breaking Bad situation (nope, just homeschooling DARE graduates here, Sir). It doesn’t help that our rig was literally the same model as the one in Spaceballs.


Determining your "RV personality" that fits with your family is important. As these military spouses hit the road and shared their favorite trip locations, we’ve highlighted families with a travel trailer, a 5th wheel and Class A. As you can see, there are many options! If you aren’t sure where to start, but up for the adventure, consider renting a recreation vehicle through your installation MWR Outdoor Recreation office to test for the best fit for your needs.


These road trip ideas have me thinking about all the future possibilities of seeing America with our military family in this unique way of traveling! Can you see yourself riding cross country, camping, hiking and exploring the great outdoors?  Learn more about RV Insurance coverage to fit your needs. 



Share stories of your past RV travels in the comments! 




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