Most people think of Spring as the time to get organized and do major cleaning. I always think of it around the beginning of the year. What better way to start off the New Year than in a well-organized state of mind? 


Do you need an incentive? Organizing not only saves you money, it can save you time, stress, and even calories.

Here are three areas of life that you can organize for better living:


Organize Your Money

Knowing where you spend your money is one of the most basic parts of good money management. Take actions to list everything you spend and know where your money goes. Identify your monthly bills and due dates. Call businesses such as your cable company or your mobile phone provider to see if you are getting the best deal possible. Then, automate everything. If automation is not a preferred or available option, enroll in bill pay. The amount of time you use to set things up will save you tons of time in later months and possibly money if you were to miss a due date.


Helpful Resources: USAA members have access to their free budget planning tools and calculators.


Organize Your Home

There are many areas of your home you can address from the kitchen to the bathroom, closets to offices. In the kitchen organize your pantry and inventory your freezer to avoid purchasing duplicate food items. In the bathroom take a peek at what is under the counter and in the cabinets and you may be surprised at the stock of supplies you will find. In closets, organize clothes by season or by style. If you haven’t worn an item in some time, sell it or donate it. That’s an easy way to make extra money or claim a tax deduction. In the office, unpack the boxes and open the mail. Organize the stacks of papers. If you don’t get lucky enough to find an uncashed check, at least next time someone asks for a document you’ll save some time trying to find it. Remember, too, that any organized space takes less time to clean.


Helpful Resources: offers free daily tips, organizational ideas, and more! 


Organize Your Meals

Meal planning sounds like a chore, but once you commit to doing it the process works like clockwork. Each week plan out meals your family likes to eat. Synchronize your meals with the activities of the evenings. Identify evenings you have more time to spend time in the kitchen and the nights you will need to have to access something quickly. If possible, marry meals together using similar ingredients to save money. At least once a week organize your refrigerator so things like leftovers get eaten and not wasted.


Helpful Resources: has a very comprehensive list of meal planning resources. My personal favorite tool for meal planning is Cozi – they even have an app!


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