23 Items to Add to Your Storm Ready Shopping List

Updated April 2021

Storm Supply Shopping List USAA Community.jpgYou never know when a natural disaster might strike, so it's important to be prepared. I have never been happier to have supplies on hand when in 2010 my active duty husband was ordered to fly a jet to safety in another state leaving me in command of preparing our home for a big storm solo! It was nice to have a dedicated space where I knew we had window coverings, and all other emergency items -it made this daunting task a little less scary.


A large part of being prepared includes having some helpful supplies on hand. Here is a list to get you started, as you think about what storm supplies and items might be helpful in the case you and your family are affected by a natural disaster.


Emergency preparation supply list suggestions:


High Dollar Items:

  • Portable generators
  • Emergency ladders
  • Hurricane shutters

Safety Devices:

  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Smoke detectors


  • Radios - portable self-powered (including battery operated) - includes two-way and weather band radios
  • Batteries, single or multipack (AAA cell, AA cell, C cell, D cell, 6 volt or 9 volt)
  • Mobile telephone batteries and mobile telephone chargers

Food Related:

  • Can openers - nonelectric
  • Coolers and ice chests for food storage – nonelectric
  • Ice products - reusable and artificial
  • Water (1 gallon per person, per day)


  • Axes, hatchets, hammer
  • Fuel containers
  • Ground anchor systems and tie-down kits
  • Light sources - portable self-powered (including battery operated)
    • Candles, flashlights and lanterns
  • Tarps and other plastic sheeting
  • Storm Shutters or plywood

Self-care items:

  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • Soap
  • Spray and wipes
  • First aid kits

Even though most Americans live in areas that have been affected by weather-related emergencies, the majority of us aren't prepared to deal with a natural disaster. Hopefully the list above will help you get a good start.


For additional ways you can prepare for natural disasters, visit USAA.com/help.


What do you make sure to stock up on when preparing for a natural disaster or storm? Please share in the comments.




Source: Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday April 24-26



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