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Each year Kate Horrell from publishes a very helpful list of military pay dates in different (printable) calendar formats. I’ve come to look for this post each year, as I like to have a physical pay day calendar printed on my desk. Kate is a 27-year member of USAA and military spouse who I have been fortunate enough to meet in person!


Kate helps military and veteran families make the most of their pay and benefits with education and information specific to our unique needs


Here are the 2019 Military Pay and USAA Direct Deposit Dates:


Pay Period

Funds available through USAA

Mid-Month Pay Day

Funds available through USAA

End-of-Month Pay Day


Jan. 14

Jan. 15

Jan. 31

Feb. 1


Feb. 14

Feb. 15

Feb. 28


























Aug. 1


Aug. 14

Aug. 15

Aug. 29

Aug. 30


Sept. 12

Sept. 13

Sept. 30

Oct. 1


Oct. 11

Oct. 15

Oct. 31

Nov. 1


Nov. 14

Nov. 15

Nov. 27

Nov. 29


Dec. 12

Dec. 13

Dec. 30

Dec. 31


Check out or Paycheck Chronicles for more great content from Kate. Have a question for Kate? Let us know in the comments.


Have additional questions about direct deposit? Check out the USAA FAQ page here.


elder clements
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I should not have depended on this schedule for the month of March. I arranged for some bills to be paid and now I have to make an emergency adjustment. Please let us know how to fix this. Thank you.

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For a 27 year veteran of USAA and a military spouse, I would expect this information to be better.  I usually rely on this chart posted by USAA as the truth, but its the 28th and i have no deposit today.

DFAS website says payday is the 1st, which logically means our funds should have been available by USAA on the 29th.  The chart says otherwise, and that is what I planned on this month.  USAA if you are going to post that our funds will be available on a certain date, you are creating an expectation of service and standard to follow, just like the rest of the years and months.

If it is a mistake, someone needs to own up to and apologize to members for publishing incorrect information.

Disabled Vet1

I was anticipating that the funds would be available today based on the chart provided by USAA (before they fixed it).  I always schedule payments based on

when fund deposited into my account.  Now I’m trying to change the payment 

dates!  Hopefully I will not receive any NSF fees because of USAA’s “mistake”. 

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I just reached out to USAA, as I was on the phone the funds avail calendar has been updated to reflect accurate date 29 Mar.  Now I was solely basing my finances off the 28th of Mar and this has put me in a bind.  USAA resoluation team told me because of the weekend funds should be available today 28th Mar, and it could be a problem with DFAS/VA....wrong.  I informed him that they messed up their calendar, and it needs to get fixed.  He really seemed like he had no idea what was going on.  I'm sure they know exactly what we're talking about.  

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It is a real shame that after the error was reported to USAA, as I was one of the people that made them aware of the error at 0804 EST, they are acting like nothing ever happened and they did not make the mistake. I called back in at 0919 EST and within 20 minutes of the call all websites tied to USAA had the correct dates entered reflecting tomorrow as the deposit date and not today, the 28th. The primary issue I have with this whole situation is that USAA knows they made a mistake and are trying to brush it off like it never happened and are absolutely no help. According to DFAS they send the money to USAA a week prior but USAA does not release the money to us until the correct day, so they hold it and, in my opinion, should make an exception and release the deposits today as that is what was published on their website. The only help they will be at this point, since the error was corrected on their website and this site holds the only evidence of their error, is they informed me if payments are scheduled to be taken out of accounts they will call with you to try and have them changed to another day or explain the situation to the other company. They did say that if you incur overdraft or other fees from USAA they can have those reveresed or removed. I have been with USAA for years, ever since I started my active duty service, and this has been the worst experience I have ever had with them. Like most other military members if we make a mistake we own up to it and work to correct it. We dont lie about it, like they have, and act like it never happened. I guess that is too much to expect from non military and us active duty, retired, disabled, etc. deserve better.

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USAA Service

UPDATE: Thank you all for taking the time to post here in community. We are aware that the calendar posted originally contained an error and it has since been updated with the correct dates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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As I am sure other members of USAA that were affected by this mistake would like to know. What steps has USAA taken to rectify this since, as you can see from the multiple complaints on this thread, this has caused overdraft fees, NSF and other adverse results that have financially affected your members. Will the fees be reveresed or refunded, will USAA compenstate its members with refunds if other late fees or NSF fees are applied form outside companies, will the funds be avalable later today as it originally said they would be. I am sure everyone appreciates the apology but would also appreciate a solution as your employees have been less than helpful and this has caused many issues that should have been avoided. More importantly it has caused many people to lose a significant amount of money due to USAA's mistake.

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USAA can change the chart after the fact all they want to, but I had actually saved a screenshot of it on my phone on the 18th.  USAA you can also backpedal and deny all you want to when customers call in to report these issues and we ask, rightfully, where our deposit is.  I heard all kinds of answers, "I dont know whats going on", "Oh, DFAS is late depositing to us, thats why". 

USAA, I expect better, and there are other alternatives out there for banking.

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I don’t know about y’all but this isn’t my first issue with usaa I’ve had other and it’s the same solution basically a thank you for being a member and good luck no help wat so ever 


I am utterly disgusted by this companies response to the situation. I managed to reach an "executive resolution" worker and she was completely demeaning and used belittling language because I dared expect a company to live up to its promise. Especially one that "cares about veterans" like USAA. Also I was told that there will be NOTHING done to rectify this after she spoke with several executives. I will be changing to a different bank after this goes through. Any suggestions from the community? Maybe a bank that keeps its word.